Gourmet Live Cheese Shop Recipe: Chicken and Mushroom Lasagne

Gourmet Live and BlogHer highlight local food scenes in our monthly Road Trip series, delivering the inside dish from renowned bloggers from coast to coast. This month, we've found favorite cheese shops -- and if you're cooking at home, get this delicious lasagne recipe from Gourmet.com now. ...more

Yes, Childfree Is Normal: Why I Moved From "Can't" to "Won't" Today

I think The Atlantic is the best publication around these days, and admire its thoughtful tackling of women’s issues. Why Women Still Can't Have It All, that post by Anne-Marie Slaughter that got so many people talking? I loved it -- smart and well argued. Of course, that post wasn't about me....more
Great post!  I recall all the moments someone would tell me I would change my mind about not ...more

'Hotel Transylvania' Exclusive Sneak Peek: Bingo!

I'm a sucker for Andy Samberg -- and dang, I missed him in last week's Saturday Night Life premiere. I'm also a sucker for the cutely spooky, a la Beetlejuice and Nightmare Before Christmas, so Hotel Transylvania looks to be my kind of movie. The premise: Dracula (Adam Sandler) runs a resort where monsters can get away from prying human eyes -- until a young man (Samberg) drops in and falls in love with Dracula's daughter, Mavis (Selena Gomez)....more
I kind of love me some Fran Drescher. Is that weird?more

Will the "Secret Video" Spell Trouble for Mitt Romney's Campaign?

David Corn of Mother Jones today published "secret video" of Mitt Romney, which he reports was taped during Romney's appearance at a private fundraiser held by private equity manager Marc Leder in Boca Raton, Florida on May 17. In the video, Romney describes the "47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what" as "entitled" people who "pay no income tax." Romney tonight confirmed the video is of him speaking, noting that his comments were not "elegantly stated." ...more
 @chigirl  @gigabiting Unfortunately then your parents are part of that 47% that Mitt is ...more

Our 9/11 Stories: Share Your Posts About September 11, 2001

Editor's note: Last year, we called for you to share your posts on the events of September 11, 2001. More than 200 bloggers responded. We're honoring this tradition again this year, and invite you to read these bloggers' stories and contribute your own. -- Julie We've seen a LOT of stories in the media about the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and United Flight 93. We've also seen, and maybe felt, that many of us are sick of the story in the media. ...more
I have been sharing my story ever since.  http://artievanwhy.commore

Obama's Speech, Celebs Speak, and Gabby Leads the Pledge: DNC in Tweets

The last day of the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC, was full of celebrities, touching moments, rousing speeches (I'm looking at YOU, Jen Granholm!), and -- finally -- President Obama's speech accepting the nomination. And social media was following right along: A new record political moment on Twitter: @barackobama drives 52,757 Tweets per minute. Over 9 million Tweets sent about #DNC2012....more
 @Stacy Morrison OMGoodness, Stacy! I hope you got some rest! You were the Head Cheerleader last ...more

Bill Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, and Arithmetic: DNC Day 3 in Tweets

The Democratic National Convention speeches got started tonight with Gabby Douglas leading the pledge of allegiance: Thank you @demconvention for having me! I enjoyed every single minute!! #oneproudamerican!...more
I have thoroughly enjoyed the DNC. Not only because I vote democrat, but I feel they go out of ...more

Gourmet Live Brooklyn Recipe: Pizza With Fontina, Prosciutto, and Arugula

Gourmet Live and BlogHer highlight local food scenes in our monthly Road Trip series, delivering the inside dish from renowned bloggers from coast to coast. This month, we've found favorite Brooklyn restaurants -- but if you're cooking at home, get this delicious pizza recipe from Gourmet.com now. ...more

Michelle Obama & $16Trillion: The DNC Day 2 in Tweets

Day Two of the Democratic National Convention -- the first day of speeches on the floor -- featured rousing speeches by Newark Mayor Cory Booker, veteran and Congressional candidate Tammy Duckworth, Minority Whip Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Women of the House, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro, and First Lady Michelle Obama -- not to mention some controversy over a video tribute to Ted Kennedy and a speech by Nancy Keenan of the National Abortion Rights League (and the cutest animated GIF to come out of either convention so far). ...more
 @Lorraine Devon Wilke You're right -- and it's possible that when looking for tweets to feature ...more

Kumar Calls & Empty Chairs: Day 1 of the DNC in Tweets

While people in Charlotte, NC for the Democratic National Convention are tweeting pictures, observations, and interactions with famous politicians and celebrities, others in social media are celebrating #EmptyChairDay. And then there's Kal Penn, of Harold and Kumar fame, who got a call from President Obama himself ... ...more