Dwija Borobia

We bought a house in rural Michigan sight-unseen off of the internet. My husband quit his job in California and we moved our four kids across the country to fix up our fixer-upper and start a new kind of adventure.

Dogs. Chickens. Homeschooling. Crazy.

I like my sacraments Catholic and my beer cold.

Splurge vs. Steal : skin care

I like to tell myself that despite the fact that majority of the girly products (not to be confused with feminine products, because ew) I use on the regular are purchased from the grocery store, that I'm still an excellent real world judge of goodosity vs. badosity because I'm allergic to wasting money....more

Dishwasher, belly device, a winner and more (7qt)

(1)So I was feeling proud of myself (can you hear the ominous music playing in the background?) a few minutes ago....more

A Day in the Life in 10 Pictures

A day in the life in 10 pictures on the 10th of the month. Shhhhhh....pretend you see protein in this breakfast #coffee #bagels A little pajama-fied coloring time on spring break? Don't mind if we do! ...more

A Little Book about Confession review and giveaway

It's been a few weeks since I got Kendra's book A Little Book about Confession for Children in the mail. And finally!...more

A spring break daybook

outside my windowIt's raining right now....more

No news is good news!

My midwife was able to squeeze me in after all today. Oh happy day!I called her in a little bit of a tizzy this morning because of course I was scouring the internet last night discovering all the horrible things that can be associated with polyhydramnios....more

Wherein you discover how truly crazy I am

What I'm supposed to be writing about is this sweet little book by Kendra and then posting a giveaway so one of you lucky people can get your hot little manos on it for free ninety-free....more

March Birthdays 2014 (Photos. So. Many. Photos.)

Little Miss fancy pants Cecilia has finally turned 4, which of course means she's hitchhiking to get her driver's license as we speak. party dress and party hair courtesy of one big sister Lizzy don't forget party nails and party menu, courtesy of same and party decorations!...more

Well-dressed toddlers and their brother (7qt)

(1)If there has ever been a picture of two sisters that I've loved more than this one, I can't remember it. Completely self-directed....more

It's Not Like a Box of Chocolates

The image I had was of God giving me a gift, a present, that was for me....more