Ilene Springer

I am an American expatriate who moved from the US to Malta in November, 2008.  I am a writer, EFL teacher in Malta and mother of two grown daughters in the US. Ricky is my Bitish/German partner in Malta--and we often drive each other crazy.  I turned 60 this year and am in denial about it.   Here's the link to my new paperback/e-book:

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My main loves: ancient Egypt, cats, chocolate


Ten Ways They'll Know You're New in Albuquerque (Life After Malta)

When you're new in Albuquerque, they'll know it.. ....more

In Love with Albuquerque Antiques

Read all about them here: My thanks to all the shops who participated: Related articles Eating Bad in Albuquerque Some First's from Albuquerque (Life After Malta) ...more

I Wore Perfume Today!!! Life After Malta

For the first time in over five years, I wore perfume. The only scent I could wear in Malta was Super DEET ....more

Finally Got My Stuff! Life After Malta

After all the trouble I went through for five months, I finally got my stuff delivered by a local moving company in Albuquerque--who were great. But this wasn't just any local movie company. This is THE truck featured in the second season of Breaking Bad ...more

I Miss My Vet in Malta :(

If you're in Malta, this is the vet you want! Read about him here ....more

A Due Date in Albuqueruqe

This post is a continuation of yesterday's where I told you how my stuff still hadn't arrived after being shipped from Malta in November, 2012. It was supposed to be here at the end of February at the latest ....more

Where Is My Stuff?

Screw-Up or Scam? You Tell Me. I’ve been in Albuquerque almost six weeks now, since the beginning of February ....more

Showing Off Springtime in Malta

Mike Owen, avid reader of this blog, has started a new photography hobby. Here are two of his photos taken at Chadwick Lakes in Malta. Check out his other photos which were selected by the Times of Malta to be included in their favorite photos slideshow ....more

Eating Bad in Albuquerque

Photo by George Sparks copyright 2014 Thanks to an old buddy from Albuquerque, I got to see the famous dive/restaurant called The Dog House from the hit series Breaking Bad. It was during the show's first season that a drug exchange--the first of many--took place on a picnic table right ouside the restaurant. The inside of the restaurant is small.. ....more

Imprinting in Albuquerque--Life After Malta

Anyone of you remember the whole process of imprinting from the Twilight series? Well, this is very embarrassing, but I seem to have imprinted on my landlord. Yes, this is the landlord (really the property manager) I’ve been talking about in my recent posts since I moved to my new apartment in Albuquerque ....more