Tamera Westhoff

My name is Tamera, and I live in a pretty small town in Kansas where my husband and I are both going to school.  I am working on my Elementary Education degree, in order to be a teacher for a few years and work my way up to a Masters in School Psychology.  My husband and I have been married for nine years, as of last December.  We have five children!

Ben is eight and a half and is my avid reader (he's read the Percy Jackson books) and researcher.  He LOVES animals and if he hears about a new animal (or makes one up on his own) he HAS to look it up and research it!  He is a very special kiddo in that he has Autism and ADHD! 

Kira will be turning seven in April and is our musical/artistic/dramatic daughter!  She likes to make up songs and plays, dance around and get all the attention she can!  She loves to learn and tell others what she knows. 

Emma is three and a half and is currently in the throes of the "tyrannical threes."  She says "no" to almost everything and "why" to everything else!  She smiles very nicely as she does the opposite of what you ask her too and poses!  I'm looking forward to the day when she realizes I am right! 

Leah is almost two and has already hit the "Terrible twos" in that she wants to do everything herself and when she does she makes a huge mess!  She takes a lot of baths!  She is a snugglebug who loves sitting with her mom or dad and is a sweetheart that is willing to share almost everything (but her baby dolls)!

Cecilia is my little baby!  She is seven weeks old and is growing fast!  She was almost ten pounds when she was born and is almost thirteen now!  She smiles and lights up my day and doesn't wake me up too much at night, so therefore a great baby! 

Back to me, I LOVE to read and I do it a lot!    I also have written poetry and a song (too bad I have such a hard time figuring out the notes).  I really want to use my talents to make childrens' books for kiddos with disabilities!

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