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I'm a Lazy Mom pokes fun at the lazy moments *all* moms have in motherhood (yes, even super moms!).  Stacey, The Lazy Mom, cheers on real moms out there by serving up Lazy Mom Confessions, Lazy Mom Tips and Lazy Mom Recipes -recipes so easy, even a lazy mom can do it- on her blog! She loves debunking the super mom myth that makes so many moms feel defeated. Join the fun at!

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Lazy Mom Overnight Oatmeal {Gluten-Free} {THM – E}

I know oatmeal is typically a “cold season” food staple, but I wanted to share with you a quick and super easy overnight oatmeal for those of you, like me, that enjoy oatmeal year round. This recipe can be eaten cold (yuck!) or heated up in one minute in the morning (yes, please!)....more

The House I Grew Up In {Part 4}

Well, I’ve shown you the pictures of the outside of the house....more

Dress Up Like a Cowpoke and Get To Your Nearest Rodeo! {ASAP!}

While in Texas, I took my kids to the rodeo! For a while now I had been wanting to take them to a “real rodeo,” not just a PBR tour (that surprisingly does stop by in Toledo on occasion)....more

The House I Grew Up In {Part 3}

One of the great things about growing up in a house on the highest hill between the Gulf and Nacogdoches is the view. The view was a big part of our home. ...more

Our Visit To Duck Commander {And Willie’s Duck Diner!}

The kids and I left Texas today....more

The House I Grew Up In {Part 2}

The other day I started telling you about the house I grew up in....more

The House I Grew Up In {Part 1}

For years… years, I tell you, I’ve been meaning to tell you about the house I grew up in....more

A *Slight* Texas Trip Detour

We made it to Texas! After many, many hours of driving… and… well… a short two-day detour to Pensacola, Florida. What?...more

Getting Out Of Dodge. Well, If Ohio is “Dodge.”

This weekend we got more snow....more

Creamy Beef Bake {A Lazy Mom Recipe}

When Lazy Dad and I got married, he would make this creamy, beefy version of mac and cheese that his mother always made when he was growing up....more