All About Me


Married to a supportive husband who doesn’t mind me wasting time blogging!


I have three beautiful daughters. They put up with me using them as models and find it amusing when I spend time photographing projects.

Happy Homemaker

I put my career aside after my oldest daughter was born. She was very sick and underwent a successful liver transplant at 11 months. Two more daughters later, I am proud to be a stay at home mom and housewife.

When I’m not blogging about my projects or writing tutorials, I am busy taking care of our home. I love our house and it brings me joy to be able to make it into a home for my family.

Project Manager

I love working on things. I take on new crafts and hobbies with passion and when I get tired of something, I move onto the next thing with equal excitement and dedication. So many people ask me what I do all day. Follow my blog and you will get a glimpse of all the fun projects I work on in between everything else!

Make it Yourself: Crochet Hello Kitty Hat Pattern

Okay crafty crochet friends - you asked nicely and now I'm going to give you what you want - a free pattern for the crochet hat that resembles a certain popular cartoon kitty named "Hello"....more
so super cute!!! I love hello kitty! For more easy DIY activities check out please check out my ...more

DIY Framed Artwork Tutorial

How to Create Unique Framed Wall Art with Paper StripsEarlier this week I showed you some wall art that I created using a variation of a paper craft technique known as Iris Folding. Now it's your turn to work your creative magic. I'm going to show you how to make a pretty picture out of paper strips....more
The support of a strong frame is essential to displaying such pieces without damage to the ...more