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Dietitian, Personal Trainer, Baseball Wife, Mom, Celiac, Justice Advocate, proud wearer of onion-goggles.  I blog about food, fitness, family and more at

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Thankfulness Lately

Lately I’ve been thankful for… Fresh air and the heavenly aroma of pine trees. Warm weather and cool pools. Rivers and streams to romp and stomp in ....more

3 Things I’m Loving Right Now

I’ve never been one to pay much attention to my nails. I don’t own a curling iron either. I know, I’m barely a female ....more

43% off Mutu System Sunday Only

You all know how much I believe in the MuTu System to heal diastasis recti and strengthen your core, and this Sunday...more

Happy 4th!


It’s my birthday, and I’ll do what I want

For my last two birthdays I have posted a fact about myself for each year I’ve been alive. (33 Things About Me & 34 Things About Me) I was going to do it again this year, but I’m in Montana with limited internet. And I just don’t want to ....more

Exploring Missoula – Clark Fork Market and Shakespeare & Co.

Saturday we drove down to the Clark Fork Market in downtown Missoula. We got there at about 11:30 because, Hi we are summer people who like to sleep in. After getting stuck in a no parking zone in our bohemoth truck, we found a parking space across the river ....more

How to do pelvic floor exercises

The following is a special post just for women...more

Journaling for your kids

I’m what you might call a horrible journaler. First of all, I never stick with it. I have stacks of half-finished journals around the house ....more

Thankfulness Lately

Lately I’ve been especially thankful for… Morning walks and the miracle of pollination. Cool days and snow on the mountaintops. Sleeping in and finding new birds to watch ....more

I’m in love with Montana, and I don’t care who knows it

Well, we made it to Missoula, and I just can’t...more