Maryann Baro

I guess you could call me a Can Do girl!   I love to putter around the house and I am fearless when it comes to tackling projects.  I'm the kind of person that goes to the art museum, looks at the Van Goghs, says hmmm, I can do that,  and starts painting.  My husband, two wonderful children, and spunky dog Bandit never know what they're going to come home to!  

Please joinn me for some diy fun at my blog Interior Salvage!

I used to have a window treatment business/workroom and am always wacking something together with fabric.   There are lots of beautiful window treatment pictures on my other blog Fabulous Window Treatments.  
I really believe I can figure out how to do anything and so can you.

I love art, rusty old things, shiny new things, diggin' in the dirt, getting out the saw.  My perfect day would be a pile of wood, some nails, a hammer, and an Italian Sub.  I really have a serious addiction to infomercials and am just one gizmo away from six pack abs!  (Probably because of the Italian Sub)....

Jute Bench with Nailheads

what I do at 6 am…People think I’m not a morning person because I’m always running about five minutes late.  Truth is my most creative time of day is early in the morning.  Things just hit me while I’m sipping my coffee....more

Refurbished Spinet Desk

Accent Table with Wood Filler Top

This little table was in awful shape when I found it....more

Mock Roman Shades DIY

I just love easy peasy window treatments.  Why?  Because I change my mind from time to time and love to swap things out occasionally.  So the criteria is that it has to be easy to make and budget friendly.  Mock Romans fit the bill....more

Doggie Bow Tie DIY

Finally something to do with those old neckties.  I’ve been hanging on to a bunch of old neckties thinking I might finally get around to making something. ...more

Bookshelves with Blue contrast

I've been working in the off hours, the wee hours, the early hours, the inside hours on these bookshelves for my father, pater, pop!Awe, that poor boy in the background - time to move the shelves....more

Refurbished Empire Table diy Chalk Paint

Don't you just love when you find a great solid old piece of furniture?  This piece was love at first sight!It had a few dings and needed some wood filler and glue on one of the legs.  I really do love the warm wood finish but with the repairs required I was forced to paint it up.  ...more