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I’m a mom. A wife. An amateur chef and photographer. A passionate advocate for sustainable food. I guess you’d even call this urban girl a farmer... what with the five chickens and all.

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Siblings | Wordless Wednesday

My god these kids are cute.. when they aren’t trying to kill each other. The post Siblings | Wordless Wednesday appeared first on It's Fitting ....more

Lemon-Scented Blueberry Muffins

During the summer my children eat enough berries that they might bankrupt us. Seriously, they eat at...more

My Favorite 4th of July Recipes | BBQ, Cookies, and More!

Have you planned out your 4th of July menu yet? Whether you’re hosting a big BBQ, or attending a potluck, I have some amazing ideas for recipes that are sure to wow your friends and family this year. White BBQ Chicken Sounds different right? ...more

My Self Worth is a Number

How do you measure your self worth?...more

The Peanut | 18 Months Old

Dear Peanut, Ho-lee-hell. You are 18 months old and ever yet my solstice baby, my child of extremes. You are amazing, you are impossible ....more

Good Enough to Eat | Mediterranean Lamb Meatballs

So I haven’t been cooking a whole lot lately. It’s kind of a getting-back-into-the-swing-of-things problem post remodel, and just this lackluster feeling I have about doing much at all… Kind of overwhelmed and kind of having a hard time getting back online again. But I miss cooking ....more

What a Week

It’s crazy to me how 7 days can run the gamut from so amazing, to sucking so completely. While I can’t get into the reason why it sucked (vague-blogging?) suffice it to say that the end of the week was a rough one. But the beginning was awesome! ...more

Welcome Back

Remember when I...more

Photography Fail

So you’ll notice that there haven’t been a ton of pictures around these parts lately. Hell, there haven’t been a lot of WORDS either, but the chaos of moving out of the house for 9 weeks, then moving back into a half construction zone has made my life insane. I’m out of sorts, off my […] The post Photography Fail appeared first on It's Fitting ....more

I Lost a Rhinoceros

Oh crap you guys, we have a crisis on our hands....more