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J.D.'s Bio:
In West Philadelphia, born and raised… ok, not really, but I am from Philly and I'm pretty fresh, but more in a frisky fresh way and less in a hip early '90s Will Smith way. Along with being a total pervert dirty birdy lezzie queer, I am a hardcore pop culture junkie that stumbled into the world of sex and porn and debauchery as first a Women's Studies major and later a Human Sexuality grad student, which is what I do now. I am also a writer. I like words. I like sex. It was just a natural progression to becoming a sex writer. Of course working in porn and studying sex means that I basically eat, breathe and sleep sex. But really, I'm ok with that. It also means I've lost all social graces regarding what's ok to talk about in public and what should probably be left in bed. I guess it just comes with the territory. Other than that, I am blunt. I like to fuck and am not afraid to say it. Strap-on sex is my weakness. The phrase "making love" makes me nauseous. I am unapologetic about by body, my personality and my choices.

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