Well there isn't much to say really..

Im currently 14 years old, in year 10.. studying ICT, Business, Geography, and then the usual.. Maths, English and Science.

Am planning on staying on at school to do a levels, the college and university (to study law)

Soo.. about me.

I'm really quiet, but when im around my family and friends, you can't shut me up, ha.

Don't know what else to say.........


If you want to know more about me add me on www.myspace.com/ilovedarrenhayes (you have to have myspace yourself)

Ugly, Ok, Pretty..?

Hey, Im unsure of my looks, some people tell me im pretty and beautiful, but i don't believe them. I would like to know from strangers how i look, as they wont no my personallity, and will rate me purely on my looks.¬† Pleasee read below. Thankyou!!!   Please add me on myspace. Mine is www.myspace.com/ilovedarrenhayes¬†, when i accept, could you please comment, and rate (from 1-10, 1-Ugly, 5- Ok, 10- Pretty/Beautiful etc) all the photos in the folder named 'me'. Thankyou ;) ...more