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Are You Going to the BlogHer Conference in San Diego? Tell Us What Excites You About it Most!

It’s BlogHer 2011 week!  Over 3,000 attendees are anticipated at the San Diego Marriott, where they will be able to mingle with other bloggers, enjoy the fabulous weather and food and attend all the parties and conference sessions.  Are you going to be one of them?  Tell us what you’re looking forward to most about this fantastic annual event.     ...more
The first day of my first BlogHer conference. It was a great experience. I met some nice ...more

Who do you think is the greatest actor of all time?

Brando…Pacino…DiCaprio…DeNiro.  What does it take to be a legendary actor?  Are good looks enough?  Does method acting and total immersion in the character spell success?  From the list above, having your name end in an “O” seems to help....more
I chose Tom Hanks. While I love all the awesome quirky characterizations that Johnny Depp can ...more

Where do you go to get help with clothes or fashion related purchase choices?

Whether you love it or loath it, everybody could use a little help with clothes shopping.  Good news – these days, there’s probably an app for that!  We’re looking to find what would help make your fashion choices easier, whether online or offline.  Tell us which of the items below sound the best to you, or give us your own answer by leaving a comment.   ...more

First, you have to be willing to keep an open mind. What you like or any preconceived notions ...more

Have You Ever Experienced a Travel Nightmare? We Want to Hear About It!

Have you ever experienced a travel or holiday nightmare?  I just got back from a long awaited family reunion near Daytona Beach Florida.  Two lovely mishap-free days were followed by five straight days of cold, gray, relentless rain.  As a special bonus, I also got the worst chest cold I’ve had in seven years.  Nothing says “Beach Holiday Fail” like spending a rainy afternoon inside an ice cold theater watching a Woody Allen movie. Tell us about your travel apocalypse on the BlogHer Opinion Poll below.  Mine is still painfully fresh, but in the words of the ...more
Air France lost my luggage going from Paris to Moscow. Somehow it just never got loaded on to ...more

What's Your Favorite TV Network?

Most people have access to hundreds of different television channels and networks, yet research has shown that they watch less than ten of them on a regular basis.  What if you had to pick just one?  If you were stuck on a deserted tropical island for a whole year, and (for some strange reason) had a TV that could only receive one network… which one would you want it to be?  Let us know on the opinion poll below.  And if you don't see a choice you like...please leave your own as a comment below! ...more

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It's Almost Independence Day: What is Your Favorite Tradition for the 4th?

I love the 4th of July -- it’s the perfect holiday. Combine a day off from work with yummy things to eat, drinks, and fireworks…it just doesn't get any better! I once made a red velvet flag cake (pictured) for my sister's July 4th pool party. Actually, I made two; the first one melted in the 100-degree, Southern California San Fernando Valley heat. We also have a weird family tradition of playing the Jimi Hendrix version of "The Star Spangled Banner" really loud in the backyard. I'm sure the neighbors love us. ...more

Love everything about the 4th!This year is really special, heading to the Cape for the final ...more

Which Current Television Show Has "Jumped the Shark"?

Are you familiar with the term “jumped the shark”? A few years back, after the popular TV series “Happy Days” had been on the air for many seasons, they featured an episode where break out star “Fonzie” came to Los Angeles.  For those of you who don’t remember Happy Days, it was a family sit-com set in the 50’s, and Fonzie was the leather jacket clad “cool” guy with slicked back hair.  In the L.A. ...more

Celeste, More TV programs we love are becoming available on line, either through the network ...more

What's Your Favorite Science Fiction Movie?

  Research shows that the Sci Fi genre is not as successful with women as other types of movies.  Really?  The new J.J....more

When the Matrix came out it was too freaky for my youngsters to watch. I love Keanu Reeves so I ...more

BlogHer Opinion Poll: Extreme Weather Events

Effective June 6th, BlogHer will feature its weekly opinion poll as a post so that people can leave comments if they want to make a choice that is not included in the poll.  Today's poll is about extreme weather events....more

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