BlogHer's Shoe Shot Walks the Red Carpet

Today our shoe shot gives a shout out to Hollywood’s grandest night of the year.  That’s right, we rolled out the red carpet for a small, but loyal contingency of shoe girls today.  The first three glammed it up and we could actually imagine seeing these shoes hob-knobbing with the stars at the Academy Awards this Sunday.  But what’s up with the moccasin at the end of the line?...more
Speaking of shoes, #Abdication means #Pope must give up #redshoes. Worse, he must wear brown, ...more

Generational Profiles of the Mobile Woman: A BlogHer Infographic

When BlogHer conducted our first Women & Consumer Electronics Study in 2012, we found that mobile devices were nipping at the heels of our beloved computers as our most can't-live-without technology tool. Just one year later, that transition is a fait accompli, with mobile device ownership ubiquitous, and most women favoring that device over any other....more
I am a young-end Baby Boomer. I have attributes of all three profiles above, but do tend to ...more

Which Movie Will Win Best Picture At The 85th Academy Awards?

If you're a football fanatic, you probably look forward to the Super Bowl every year. But if you're a movie fan, the big annual event is definitely the Academy Awards. On February 24th, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will celebrate their 85th Oscar fest. We will cheer as the best actors, directors and assorted film folks walk the red carpet. We will hold our collective breath as it takes them an eternity to open the magical envelope....more
I work for the DoD and currently live in Germany, so most of the nominated movies have not had ...more

What Are Your Favorite Romantic Movie Lines and Moments?

The day spawned by card companies to torture the unpaired (Valentine's) is coming right up. Whether you spend it surrounded by flowers and chocolate truffles probably depends on how close you've come to Cupid's bow and arrow lately. We thought we'd find a middle ground for our poll this week and ask about something Valentine's Day defenders and dreaders alike can enjoy. What are some of your favorite romantic lines or moments from the movies?...more
I have to admit I'm tempted to answer Beauty and the Beast because I like books as much as Belle ...more

What Do You Think of Fake Internet Relationships and Personas?

This week's poll takes on a topic that I find utterly fascinating: fake Internet relationships. If you've been vacationing at the North Pole lately, you may have missed the story about Notre Dame Linebacker Manti Te'o, who was (apparently) so deceived by a fake Internet girlfriend, he decided that he wanted to marry her. The creator of Manti's object of desire has recently turned out to be a guy who was hopelessly smitten by Manti. But wait ... there's more!...more
I've been duped by a fake internet persona. It happens to the best of us.more

What Do You Plan To Do On Super Bowl Sunday?

Next Sunday, the 47th annual Super Bowl football game will be telecast live from New Orleans. The San Francisco 49ers will face off against the Baltimore Ravens, as millions of Americans watch, cheer, and nosh on buffalo wings and bean dip. Will you be one of them? This week we want to know what you're planning for Super Bowl Sunday. ...more
I plan to wear my Meesh & Mia Super Bowl XLVII shirt!!

What Kind of Online Content Do You Think Is Sexy?

For our third and final weekly poll in the series about love and relationships, we are looking for your thoughts about sex and the Internet. Is there anything about the online world that you think is sexy? For many women, the Internet is all about work, email, blogging, connecting, information, community and the occasional cute photo of a cat. But can it also be a digital tool to enhance romance? ...more
About the only thing on the internet I would have found sexy back in the day was the adult chat ...more

The BlogHer Women and Work Study: A New Infographic

Last December, BlogHer announced the results of our first Blogher Women and Work Research Study at the inaugural BlogHer PRO Conference. We surveyed our community to gather their feelings about work and their workplace. This month, we announced our third annual BlogHer Entrepreneurs Conference, and thought it was worth a second look at the Women and Work data, focused on the drive toward entrepreneurship, and the impact of mentorship. ...more

Tell Us About Your Online Dating Experiences!

For our second poll in the love and relationship series, we are turning to the Internet for inspiration. We want to know about your experiences with online dating. Have you ever tried it? Did you have a positive outcome? Did you meet the love of your life or was it more like a late night horror show? Those online singles' sites are in our faces the second we flip the power button on an electronic device, but have you ever clicked on one to find that "special someone"?...more
With all the online dating and social sites, is it possible to find true love there? It was a ...more

Which Downton Abbey Character Relationship Is Your Fave?

At last the long wait is over. By the time you read this post, all the Downton Abbey fans will have had a chance to watch the first episode of Season Three on PBS, Sunday night at 9PM....more
I discovered this series just recently ...more