Pick Your Favorite Artists and Painters

After two weeks of political conventions and energized social media, I thought it might be time for a poll that offers choices a little less contentious and fraught with polarization. This week we want to talk about art. Who are your favorite artists? Do you appreciate the grand old masters like Da Vinci or Michelangelo? Wouldn't you just love to see the Mona Lisa smile in real life? Or perhaps you find Van Gogh's tormented life and gorgeous transcendent paintings the most inspiring?...more
My favorite panting of of time is Starry Night....I have always loved that painting since I ...more

Who Are Your Favorite Stand-Up Comics of All Time?

A few weeks ago, we lost a comedy legend when Phyllis Diller passed away at the age of 95. According to family members, she died with a smile on her face, and why not? She had a long, trailblazing life doing what has to be one of the most noble and difficult professions; making millions of people laugh. This week on the opinion poll, we want to know who activates your funny bone. ...more
 @Momo Fali I love when I laugh that hard!more

Tell Us What You Wanted to Be When You Grew Up!

Most kids like to dream about what they want to "be" when they grow up. Those dreams have evolved over the years as opportunities for women have (thankfully) expanded. My heroes were John Glenn, Neil Armstrong, and Sally Ride, so naturally I wanted to be an astronaut when I was growing up. Bad eyesight put the kibosh on that dream, so I re-set my goal to working in media -- I could at least be closer to my favorite television franchise, Star Trek....more
 @Jane Collins I forgot about marine biologist in grade 7, It must have been the new frontier or ...more

What Keeps You Awake At Night? (The 2nd Annual Anxiety Poll)

It has been exactly one year since we conducted BlogHer's 1st Annual Anxiety Poll on BlogHer.com. If you find yourself staring at the ceiling into the wee hours of the morning, take comfort in the fact that you're not alone. We got a tremendous response to last year's worry poll, as dozens of BlogHer women chimed in to tell us what keeps them tossing and turning at night. Feeling anxious about kids topped the list last year, and we want to know if that's still true in 2012....more
 @cdrdash I feel for you. Both of my parents have passed. I grew up dreading the day I would get ...more

What Interests You About Style or Fashion?

Are you a slave to fashion? Do you think having a closet full of shoes is the closest thing to heaven? I've always cared more about dogs, horses, and Star Trek than Ralph Lauren, but lately even I can feel the siren call of the catwalk. Maybe it has to do with BlogHer's first ever fashion show at the BlogHer '12 conference in New York, a colorful and diverse display of women who were beautiful inside and out....more
 I love a little bit of everything when it comes to Fashion, however a full closet doesn't equal ...more

What's Your Favorite Comfort Food?

One cannot live on grilled veggies alone: This week, we want to know about your favorite comfort foods. Tell us which are your favorites on this week's opinion poll!...more
Mashed potatoes in winter.more

eMoms 2012: A BlogHer Study

Mom study 2012 final 8.2.12 from BlogHer  ...more

BlogHer '12 Is Almost Here! What Are Your Thoughts as We Approach the Event?

The BlogHer '12 conference is less than a week away. Are you going? Are you ready? If you're new to the event -- or even if you're a seasoned veteran -- you probably have a mental list compiled that you visit oh...three or four hundred times a day. If you're wondering what to wear, here's an excellent post by Stacy Morrison that will address your sartorial anxieties....more
hmmm I don't see a poll.  Maybe it's blocked out on this computer.   I'm a newbie to attending ...more

Which Olympic Events Will You Be Watching This Week?

The 2012 Summer Olympics will kick off this Friday, July 27, with the opening ceremony on NBC. Will you be watching? ...more
HI, Jane! Thought I'd stop by to leave your post a quick comment. I haven't watched the Olympics ...more

Pick Your Favorite Viral Videos

Viral videos are everywhere. A decade ago, they were barely a blip on the computer screen, but today we can't escape from the endless footage of guilty dogs, musical cats, laughing babies, and an African honey badger with a major attitude. Why are these little slices of video life so fascinating? Who among us can't resist clicking on "the cutest kitten ever!" and then sharing it with a friend?...more
I really liked the kid after dental work.  I've been like that after dental treatment.   haha more