Pick Your Favorite Romantic Comedies!

Who has a favorite rom-com movie? Sometimes there is nothing better than a romance that keeps you in stitches and tears at the same time. Who can forget John Cusack holding his boombox aloft to prove his devotion in Say Anything? Or Meg Ryan faking it (I'll have what she's having) in a deli moment from When Harry Met Sally? I can watch Groundhog Day over and over again, and never get tired of seeing Bill Murray evolve from a shallow newscaster into a mensch who is worthy of love....more
@mrlady yeah, me too. I think Die Hard is romantic.more

Who Are Your Favorite TV Talk Show Hosts?

They keep us company in hotel rooms during business trips.  They keep us sane and laughing during a long election year.  They keep a million DVR boxes working overtime.  I'm talking about our nation's TV talk show hosts.  From the early days when Johnny Carson ruled the airwaves to current favorites and relative newcomers like Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert, they are among the funniest and most thoughtful television celebrities. Best of all, they get OTHER famous folks to say wonderfully tweetable things....more
 @KarenLynnn Well it's not really his own show, but it will be interesting to see how Howard ...more

How Do You Know That Summer Is Coming Where You Live?

Summer is almost here and the signs are everywhere. It prompts many memories of idyllic summers spent in my small rural town (Warwick) in upstate New York. My sisters and I would catch frogs and tadpoles down at the creek, and we didn't wear shoes from June through the end of August. I think we were channeling Tom Sawyer. Do kids still have summers like that, or have they all been packed off to science and musical theater camps?...more
The snowbirds are gone and the temps are in triple digits a/bmore

Pick Your Favorite Crazy Reality TV Shows

Have you ever seen the classic movie "Network"? If you have, you know that the brilliant writer Paddy Chayefsky predicted over thirty years ago that one day crazy reality TV shows would rule the airwaves. But even the prescient Mr. Chayefsky could not have foreseen the lunatic levels some of the current reality shows have reached....more
You don't have my on the list but Toddlers and Tiaras....that show..i just can't keepp my eyes ...more

"SMASH": The Return of the Blond Bombshell

A few months ago, the new Broadway musical drama Smash premiered on NBC, causing me to immediately cycle through Jane's Sad Stages of a New Television Series.  These steps are similar to the famous Kubler-Ross stages of grief, except it's more like the stages a show goes through before the network cancels it. ...more
@BlogHer I love #Smash! I look forward to it every week!more

Who Are Your Favorite Characters from "Game of Thrones?"

Winter is coming and we can hardly wait.  Those of you who have already joined the Game of Thrones party know this is one of the core phrases from HBO's wildly popular sci-fi fantasy series. Based on George R.R. Martin's best-selling series of books (Song of Fire and Ice), the second season debuted two weeks ago and airs at 9PM on Sundays. The ratings are so impressive, a third season has already been approved....more
@Tiffany: If you are wondering about the TV show vs. the books, I have all thumbs up from my son ...more

What Are You Doing for Spring Break?

Over the next few weeks some of us will have a preview of summer vacation also known as "spring break." Judging by the light commuting traffic this week, I would imagine quite a few folks have already started this annual ritual. Do you have any special plans for the break? Are you traveling...cooking...or just taking the time to finally clean out the garage?...more
 @HomeRearedChef  I cooked a rib roast and made gravy from scratch.  It came out great, I'm ...more

Should Birth Control Pills Be Low Cost or Free?

Sometimes the news cycle can feel a bit like deja vu all over again. Back in the 60s when it was first invented, The Pill was fodder for all manner of contentious news articles, protests and hyperbole. It was either going to lead to the downfall of society or the emancipation of women. Strange -- it's over 50 years later, and neither one of these scenarios has come true entirely....more
@Dr Karen Krahl D.C. more

Pick Your Favorite Celebrity Power Couples

The time has come to select our favorite celebrity power couples. We can't escape them. They stare at us from the covers of countless tabloids as we wait in line at the supermarket. They blink at us balefully from online sites and and status updates. And of course they provide the main staple for cable TV channels like E! or faux celebrity reality shows. Since we can't get away from them, we might as well vote for our favorites! Or vote against them all, by selecting the anti-celebrity couple choice below....more
 @Jane Collins Oh, that would be fun, Jane! Ooh, and another one I remember reading about are ...more

What Are Your Favorite Daily Social Media Activities?

Last week BlogHer released its annual Women and Social Media study. We surveyed over 2,000 women on BlogHer and in the general U.S. online population, to see how they were using social media. It turns out that women trust blogs more than any other type of media for help making purchasing decisions....more
Facebook for sure!more