Women and Social Media in 2012

Welcome to BlogHer, the largest community and network of women influencers on the web. To learn more about our pioneering programs to drive authentic influence for brands, click here....more
@katja.k  Sorry to get your question so late Katja. I hope you were able to figure out that the ...more

Poll: Help Us Pick the Saddest Songs

Certain songs just start the emotional waterworks going, no matter how many times you've heard them. Sometimes there is nothing better than a good long cry over a song that hits all the right notes on your heartstrings....more
 @MedusaM  I left a comment earlier about some classical music making me cry too, and neglected ...more

What Are You Thinking About Politics as We Approach Super Tuesday?

The presidential primary season has been particularly contentious in 2012, with many issues that are polarizing for women. Birth control, separation of church and state and even (astonishingly) the relative merits of higher education have become hot topics of conversation among the GOP candidates, the current administration and women online. It's the latter that we want to understand, so we're going straight to the experts in our latest opinion poll. ...more
Partisanship is going to be the ruination of our country.  Shame on us for not putting America ...more

What Were The Most Memorable Moments From the 84th Academy Awards?

Hollywood's biggest salute to its most talented people took place last night as the 84th annual Academy Awards aired on ABC. Did you watch it? There were some nice highs and a few cringe-worthy lows, but nothing too drastic happened to mar the high holy night for the glitterati of the movie biz. Unless you count Sasha Baron Cohen coming dressed as a dictator, which hardly anyone noticed as the cameras avoided him like the plague....more
 @loriluna  I believe I may have been bored if I wasn't so busy juggling notes on my laptop, ...more

Downton Abbey Finale: Vote For Your Favorite Characters This Season

Season two of Downton Abbey has just ended. That wailing you hear is the sound of millions of American women who looked forward to Sunday so they could spend quality time with the inhabitants of a fairy tale castle across the "pond". The saga of the Crawleys and their servants has captivated viewers like no other program on PBS. Who would have dreamed that a period piece set in the early 1900s, sans even a hint of nudity, bad language or special effects, could evoke such passion in the hearts of 21st century TV viewers?...more
Where is Mrs Hughes in this list -- frankly I think she is the most well-acted of the bunch -- ...more

BlogHer Talks to Gordon Tomaselli, President of the American Heart Association

I was fortunate to interview Dr. Gordon Tomaselli, the president of the American Heart Association so he could tell the women of BlogHer about this important program and other steps that will lead to heart health. We're surrounded by hearts in February anyway, but this message will last a lot longer and provide far greater benefits than a box of chocolates. ...more
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What Were The Most Memorable Moments From The Grammy Awards?

The 54th annual Grammy Awards aired on CBS this Sunday. Did you watch the show? It was a strange mix of exuberance, music and memorial. The day before the recording industry lost one of its biggest stars, when it was announced that Whitney Houston had passed away at the age of 48. The audience at the Los Angeles Staples Center still seemed ready to rock, with a house packed full of celebrities. The show lasted three and a half hours....more
Adele swept the 54th Annual Grammy Awards Sunday night taking home six trophies including album ...more

Tell Us Your Favorite Magazine

Do you like to read magazines? As reading habits shift from paper copies to digital devices, we are curious about what kinds of magazines still interest the BlogHer community. When I was growing up, I was obsessed with Mad Magazine. It probably helped shape my off beat sense of humor. The New Yorker and Smithsonian are more appealing to my current sensibilities....more
@Jenifer Monroe Wow...under a rock...since 1974? I went to the link you shared and am becoming a ...more

Which Movie Will Win Best Picture at the Academy Awards?

If you're a movie lover, it's the most wonderful time of the year. The Golden Globes aired a few weeks ago, kicking off the red carpet season. And this week, the nominations for the Academy Awards were released at the crack of dawn on Tuesday morning. It's probably the one day out of the entire year that all of Hollywood wakes up well before noon....more
Hello there, Jane! VERY interesting list of prospects...have to research this before having an ...more

Celebrity Baby Names: Which Ones Are The Craziest?

It's official. The rich and famous really are different from you and me. They fly on private jets. They send their kids to preschools that cost more than Harvard.  And when they have a baby, they will call the lucky offspring something that sounds more like a Kentucky Derby winner than an actual human baby name.Photo by Gary Calton/eyevine/ZUMA Press...more
How about Tara Gabriel Galaxy Gramophone - the son of Sir John and Talitha Getty? First it ...more