Mother of 4 little ones in 4 years...3 Boys and 1 Girl

Preschool Teacher

Happily Married to the love of my life . . . who is far from perfect but puts up with me.

Working hard at perfecting my imperfect life to achieve my own personal "Happy (enough) Ever After"


What I Learned Today . . . Baby Steps, Right?

I looked into how to get my kiddos to start acting the way I want them to act today.  Of course, I don't have unrealistic expectations that I'm going to have 4 perfect children.  What family have you ever heard of that has 4 perfect children?  Even the Brady Bunch had Jan and in the movie she was positively creepy. ...more

Looks Like I Need More Wine and Less Whine

The past few days have been rough.  Even with me being gone all day Sunday, I feel like I've been listening to whining, crying, cranky kids WAY too much lately. I need some help. ...more

Prepping for the Big Day

Tomorrow will be my 3rd time spending at day at my friend Christine's house following Once a Month Mom's Once a Month Cooking menu.  I am excited for a few reasons and already kind of tired thinking about it. I'm excited because - ...more

Happy Veteran's Day

Today is Veteran's Day - it really does mean more than the kids being off of school, the banks and post offices being closed.  This morning on Facebook I came across this explanation of what a Veteran is ...more

Because I'm a Mother

It hasn't been a really overly joyful atmosphere at our house the past couple of days.  We've tried to hide it from the kiddos as much as possible - in fact, I'm pretty sure they haven't heard anything about it - but Jerry and I have been horrified by the details of the PSU scandal that has been rocking the university and it's alumni.  Jerry is one of those alumni.  He didn't play football or any other official university sport but he did love his school he still does love it. ...more

#1 Problem with Blogging Every Day

I don't mind blogging every day.  In fact, I could probably blog a couple times a day if I had enough time.  There is certainly enough "bloggable" material around here.  From my daughter who is the BIGGEST drama queen I've ever met to my twins who both have different styles of biting me when I tick them off. (Dean bites like he wants to bite through my skin David bites like he wants to rip a piece of my skin off both hurt like hell!!!) ...more

It's Time to Think About THIS Part of Christmas!!!

While I admit that I complained about people getting into the Christmas "spirit" earlier and earlier, I will admit that I have been doing a little Christmas planning of my own the past few weeks. If you have been reading my blog a while, you will remember that we had some mischievous visitors that came to stay with us from Thanksgiving to Christmas. Our Elf Magic Elves - Tinsel and Holly!!! ...more

Dear Famous Person Reading This . . .

I really don't watch too much entertainment news.  It depresses me.  Like most people in my "situation", money is an issue right now. By my situation I mean ...more
@Molly Jo It is hard to remember that all the time but I get daily reminders when one of my ...more

American Horror Story - The Show I Swore I Was NEVER Going to Watch

Two of my all time favorite show were Twin Peaks and The X-Files.  I will be the first to admit that it was in part do to the fact that I had giant crushes on the male leads in both shows (Kyle McLaughlin and David Duchovny) but another "draw" to both of the shows was that they were about things that couldn't easily be explained. ...more

Locks of Love - First Major Haircut

It started out as a threat that backfired. "Danika Rae, if you don't stop your whining and crying until I'm done brushing your hair I'm taking you to get it all chopped off!!!" "Okay, Mommy.  I want a haircut like you..." She actually sniffed a little and looked at me with her big brown eyes when she said this - so, I knew I was done for and she was finally going to get her haircut. ...more
@sussabmax She did! Honestly, she hated getting her hair brushed and fixed and washed. It was ...more