Social Media Followers vs. Real Life Friends

I'm a Social Media junkie, but I thought that my real life friends would know me better than my "followers" on Social Media outlets like Twitter and Facebook. I feel like I have been mistaken the whole time that I have thought this. Is it possible for followers to know you better than your real friends? ...more

How Does This Relate to Me?

Do you ever sit at church and wonder if the talk/sermon being given to you by a guy is for you, when it feels like it's geared towards a man?  Do you ever feel left out completely when talk of blessings and such is brought up?  I do. ...more

The Sanctity of Marriage

Lately, my friends have been encouraging me to join groups preserving the sanctity of marriage, which as a part of my LDS religion, is something that I should automatically be willing to do.  I don't join them, though.  That's not to say that I believe that there is something wrong with marriage or that marriage should not be something sacred. ...more

It is refreshing and important for those of us working actively against Prop 8 to remember ...more

How Do You Choose?

Today, Colin Powell made his big endorsement, and it wasn't too long before people had their opinions about it, including my father.  It amazes me to see how vastly different our opinions can be, even though we both believe in many of the same things.  How does he assume people make their choices?  How do they really make them? ...more

Isn't This Expectation Sexist, Too?

Ever since Sarah Palin's announcement as the new VP candidate on the Republican ticket was announced a couple of weeks ago, I have seen some blatant sexism, but it's not coming from where you'd think it is coming from. The sexism that I am referring to is coming from the conservatives.  Anything that Democrats/liberals say about Sarah Palin or even having to do with simple things like a somewhat common phrase from ALL politicians (lipstick on a pig has been said by people of both parties) gets misconstrued as sexism.  We can't say anything without being told that we're sexist. ...more

But I Don't Want to Help the Poor

I was reading some of the comments at  ...more

My Life as a Convert

The world expects you to pick a religion and stick to it, but when you grow up in a multi-religion family, the choice is difficult, especially when the choices are Southern Baptist and Latter-Day Saint (Mormon).  When you finally come to that big choice, is the world even ready for it? ...more

Insanity and the Internet -- Blogging About Mental Illness

The first time you open up on the internet is always the hardest.  When you choose to be honest and be that person that you're so proud of being on your own on the internet, you open yourself to criticism, to anger, and to acceptance, among many things. ...more

Thanks for bringing to light the subject of Mental Illness.  I am proud of you(s) for ...more