Janet Elsbach

I am mama to three fine children. My chief interests in life include, but are not limited to: what we will have for dinner tonight; what we will have for dinner tomorrow; whether my children are rested, fed, encouraged and aware; getting out of the grocery store with as much dignity and as little plastic packaging material as possible; assessing the real chances that we the people will come to our senses in time to save the bees, the oceans and the last vestiges of true democracy; and the very powerful and inspiring ways all of these things connect. With my husband, an artist, I am managed by a small sheep farm, and I write about all of this--cooking for, eating with and loving my family--when I can stay awake long enough to string four coherent words together, over at raisinporpoise.blogspot.com

weak day meal

Do you ever catch yourself doing something stupid, and in plenty of time to stop yourself, and yet for some reason you just let the tape run until the end? Okay, maybe that is just me. As I like to say, if I can’t set a good example, at least I can serve as a horrible warning....more

egging you on

portion control