Spiritual. Honest. Fun. Loving. Creative. Intelligent. Competitive. Driven. Sarcastic. Inspiring. Hilarious. Stylish. That’s pretty much me in a nut-shell. Brooklyn born and raised. I have seen a lot during my time on this Earth. My experiences have shaped who I am and how I think, and because of these experiences I will not settle and accept mediocrity. Those that know me, love me. Those that don’t are just confused by my “Brownsville Grill.” I say what’s on my mind, but I have tact. I am passionate about what I do and I do a lot. Daughter. Sister. Dancer. Friend. Teacher. Blogger. Mentor. Listener. Lover of music, food, art, life, and laughter. Young face, small size, but don’t be fooled “big things come in small packages.”

Big Buddha "Sunset" Hibiscus Tote

Ladies it is time to SPRING FORWARD! What other way to do that than with a great tote. Big Buddha's Hibiscus Tote is exactly what any lady would need. Via Dillard's ...more

Sephora by OPI "Leaf Him At The Altar"

So the other day in the hair salon I saw a woman who had green nails. I am not a huge fan of green but her nails looked AWESOME! She was wearing Sephora by OPI "Leaf Him At The Altar" The color looks absolutely amazing. I am not sure how it will match with my complexion, but it doesn't hurt to try...right? ...more

Get The Look: Chanel Iman

Chanel Iman was spotted in the runways in London with one of the hottest trends for Spring: Pastels....more