Janise {Mama in Heels}

My name is Janise, a happy fulfilled mom of two handsome twin boys.     After a failed marriage and a recession that wiped me clean, in my darkest moment I was given a second chance.

During these challenging times, I unexpectedly met my now loving, supportive…. and Italian ;) husband, and father of my Chitalian twin boys.  And together, we re-built our blissful lives.  I believe we all get second chances.

As a woman, a wife, and a mom, I always make the effort to look fabulous because it feels good.  I have always loved fashion and bargain shopping.  With a family of four, my love for cooking has served me well.  My Chinese heritage has given me an unexpected edge on eating healthy (minus the sodium intake). 

I’ve been a dedicated Yogi for years.  After having twin boys, yoga has helped me fight off my Mommy Tummy (well most of it).  I am known as the handy woman around the house.  I think my love of working with tools inherently stems from my love of interior decorating and real estate. 

I put a lot on the line to start a company (later bought out by a corporation) years ago.  This risk taking behavior has now allowed me to work remotely from home.  With two rambunctious, mischievous boys running around the house, I couldn’t have asked for more.

Many of my friends and family have asked me how I’m able to stay fashionable and healthy as a mom while raising our twin boys and keeping our household finances in order all on our own.