Jan Risher

A newspaper columnist for a dozen years, Jan Risher went around the world to get from Mississippi to Louisiana — with stops in between ranging from the mountains of Slovakia, the streets of Paris, a tribal village in Burkina Faso to the hills of central Mexico. She's a traveler, a working mom, a writer and a wife who believes in the value of listening to and telling the stories of others, as well.  


Think pink...or yellow

Beth loved yellow.I suppose it had always been her favorite color. I can't be sure.Though we came from the same small town, when she was a senior, I was in the first grade. I only knew her as one of the beautiful high school girls.I bet she loved yellow back then too.She was always a bright spot in the world....more

Joy Triggers

As my 15-year-old ran through the living room, she yelled, “Do you want me to show you something that makes me smile?”And my answer, of course, was, “Absolutely.”In the middle of midlife, I finally figured out a solid piece of advice: Anytime a 15-year-old girl asks to share something with you regarding smiling, you say, “Yes.”...more