all about Zach who never gets any blog press

This little guy is going to turn 15 months old on Friday. Early toddlerhood is by far the most fun age for me, I think. Newborns are great with all their smooshyness and sweetness and they smell amazing, and older kids are independent and can do stuff on their own and have interesting conversations with you ....more

dear daughter: I see you.

I see you, my sweet girl. So much has changed in this past year. I see you with your suddenly long limbs, gangly and graceful at the same time ....more


The last couple of months have seemed like a long string of big milestones in our house. Zach turned 1! Started walking! ...more

what’s the haps? and other random stuff

Well! A lot of things have been going on since I last wrote anything of substance here. All good things (mostly) but pretty much every day, I think I WILL BLOG TODAY ABOUT [insert interesting topic here]! ...more

CHOCOLATE! and Market District coffee (giveaway)

I never drank coffee until I had my second baby. Perhaps it was necessary for my survival at that point? Audrey WAS a particularly challenging newborn ....more

gearing up for the summer whining: activity & snack lists

Last summer was… well, it was interesting. I decided to keep the girls at home and out of daycare because I wasn’t headed back to work until September. So for the first time ever, I found myself as a full-time stay at home mom with two kids and newborn baby ....more

Easter: it happened, but it almost didn’t!

We visited urgent care three days in a row last weekend! WHAT DO WE WIN?!!? Maggie was there for strep throat on Friday ....more

7 quick takes: an alligator birthday party, mystery beeping, & a crapload of pictures

1. We’re winding down Birthday Season in our house (I’m not even kidding: seven birthdays in six weeks, just between our immediate family/in-laws. CRAZYPANTS.) Last weekend was Zach’s party and there were 16 kids under the age of eight in my house ....more

now it’s Zachy’s turn

It’s Zach’s first time for a birthday video! ...more