I Would Rather Throw My Vote...

For weeks, I have been only skimming Facebook because the political posts going around have literally driven me crazy… I am so sick of reading all the blah blah blah about who and why I should vote for someone. However, today I guess I feel the need to explain what people are missing here. Especially my union brother and sisters that I feel have literally missed the importance of why Romney is NOT who you should be voting for. ...more

The Heartbreak in Parenting

In exactly 46 days, my oldest son Sam will be 18 years old. It terrifies me. He has been our toughest child and I will not sugar coat what we have been through. It has been a struggle for the last four years, full of anger, panic, frustration, and tears. There have been truancy problems, and issues with smoking. Tickets for curfew violations, and running away. ...more

I really AM old!

Well, it happened.Yesterday was the day I realized I am much older than I was ready to admit.It was one of my good friend’s birthdays, so our little group of women decided we would take her out. It was time for some sushi and some drinks to celebrate! The day was going to be great!Imagine the setting, three giggling woman at a smoky, quiet, run down bar, completely stuffed with sushi and enjoying a couple of drinks on a nice lazy Sunday. Our favorite music was blaring on the jukebox. (However, not too loud, so we could still hold a conversation). It was fantastic!...more