i'm never very good about answering the call to tell folks a little more about myself. what's there to tell? i'm a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a niece, a cousin and a friend. and like so many, i often find myself wrestling with a deeper definition of "me" and how i can not only fit into the bigger picture, but also how i can make my corner of the village a better place for my kids and my community. don't barf. it's true.

anyway, that's about as good of a definition as you're gonna find here. besides, i figure if you stop by often enough you might learn who i am the old fashion way: one conversation at a time.

blippy blips and bits of bliss...

life has been a blur. we've been on the go in a seemingly unending series of...things. none of it really makes for wonderful and wildly entertaining writing. it simply is life as we're living it. and when i remember that, i can't help but feel completely overwhelmed with gladness. sometimes the most extraordinary joy comes in the most unremarkable and ordinary moments, or what i call blippy blips and bits of bliss. say it ten times fast and i'll give you a cookie! ...more
My random bliss this week is fresh mountain air, wool socks, loved ones, coffee, and turkey :)more

Shine on

do you see it? no? look closely but don't try so hard. it's right there. still don't see it? alright then, i'll tell you but don't feel too silly when you realize it was there the whole time.   potential. blink and look again. this time, don't think about it. just know it's there. see it now? mornings are becoming my church....more