Jennifer Mansfield

I'm a mom, wife and former corporate exec who had to give it up when I was too sick to function. After being diagnosed (finally!) with an auto-immune disorder, and several food allergies, I healed myself through food and natural supplements. 

I created InspiredEats to help the millions of others like me who are left alone to stumble their way through symptoms, trying to find solutions for why they feel so bad. I blog about health tips, allergy-free friendly recipes, restaurants that support allergy-free dining, product reviews and I'm launching a kids corner to address children with food allergies, an ask the expert panel and more. My goal is to help people learn to live free of food allergies and related health issues, while enabling them to take control of their health and wellness and to feel good again!

Paleo and Gluten Free Recipes

Hi all, I'm new to the Blogher community and so happy to have found you all! I run a site devoted to helping people find allergy-free resources; more than 50% of the population is estimated to have some form of a food intolerance, and many people aren't lucky enough to have access to help from local doctors or able to buy allergy-free foods in their local grocers....more