Jenna Hatfield

Jenna Hatfield serves as the Family and Events editor here at When she's not featuring your amazing member posts, reaching out to syndicate something fantastic you wrote on your own site, or doing a million and one things to help make BlogHer Conferences amazing, she's blogging at Stop, Drop & Blog.

Jenna started in the newsroom after majoring in broadcast journalism, eventually leaving it to follow a dream of working from home as a writer and editor. She has also worked as a photographer, though currently she prefers photographing her two sons, her husband, and their zany German Shepherd. They make their home in Ohio, which is a hard sentence to swallow for a Pittsburgh-native. Go Steelers!

Beyond writing and photography, Jenna also enjoys running (currently training for her first full marathon), cooking (2014 is the year of tofu!), and reading all the books.

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Suicide Is Not Selfish

I don’t want to hear another person say that suicide is “selfish”....more
suebob  I'm so sorry you went through that, Sue. But it's also the most accurate description ...more

Well deserved high-fives

Paityn has used the potty a few times before, but never for me.  Just a handful of times at her Aunts house in her miniature hand-me down toilet that used to be Brady’s.  But last night she grabbed my hand, mumbled something through her binky and led me up the stairs.“Potty?” I asked.“Yeah!” she said with nod.I held her hand as she pulled me to the bathroom where I took off her diaper and lifted her onto the toilet, careful to hold on so she didn’t fall.  She grinned from ear to ear, beared down and made a tiny little tinkle....more
This is ADORABLE.more

My Name Is "Jennifer." All Eight Letters, Please.

“Do you go by Jennifer or Jen?” asked a fellow blogger also named Jennifer. I felt immediate relief and kinship with this woman I had just met. After all, only another Jennifer would understand how loaded and important this simple question could be. ...more
Do not, under any circumstances, EVER call me Jennifer. Sure, it's my given name, but it is NOT ...more

The Semicolon Project: Continuing Our Stories One Choice at a Time

Today I found out about a brave movement called The Semicolon Project. Participants in this project are drawing tattoos of semicolons on their wrists to raise awareness about depression and self-harm. There was a time in my life when I didn’t want to live anymore. I was incredibly hopeless. I was afraid to wake up in the morning because when I opened my eyes I knew that I would have to face the day. If you haven’t struggled with depression, it’s hard to understand these feelings. But they are incredibly awful and real. They are debilitating. ...more
I was originally going to blog this, first on my own site and then here. I tried. I failed. ...more

US Airways' Social Media Team Had a VERY Bad Day

US Airways committed the blunder of all Twitter blunders today, when someone on its social media team tweeted something inappropriate. I don't even know if I can tell you what it was, because my mother-in-law tells me not to share anything on the Internet that I wouldn't tell my grandma. And I simply cannot imagine telling my grandmother that US Airways tweeted a photo of a model airplane in a vagina....more
Lisa Stone  Thanks, Lisa. I can't tell you how many giggles I had while writing this one. (ALL ...more

Gallowayed: How I Ran, No Walked, No Ran My First Half-Marathon

When I was a freshman in high school, I went out for track. I hadn't actually run at all before I did it. It was sort of a lark. The first day of practice, the coach told us to run an easy mile. All the other girls headed out, talking to each other as they went. I followed along as best as I could, but never having run a mile before except for the Presidential Physical Fitness Tests, I thought I might die and ended up back at the track gasping for air, my lungs on fire. Then, as I would almost every single practice until the weather warmed up, I coughed until phlegm came up, thoroughly embarrassing myself. So I quite shocked myself on Saturday when I ran my first half-marathon. ...more
Congrats, my friend! I am so, so proud of you. I can't use Gu myself, I have to use Sports Beans ...more

Suicide Is Not Selfish

I don’t want to hear another person say that suicide is “selfish”....more
Heather-Joan Carls  Oh good. Let's just heap the sin card on as well. That helps people ...more

Exercising (Away) the Demons of Depression & Anxiety

I used to always say that I would only run if chased, but last year I got a good pair of running shoes and would run two or three times per week....more
Exercise (and medication) also help me manage my anxiety (and depression). I find that I'm ...more

Trying out Fabletics

I’ve been working out on the elliptical for a couple months now and it’s been hard to keep myself motivated. First, I gobbled up every single season of Alias and was super upset when it was over. Now, I’ve recently started watching Orange is the New Black, which I love.I’m kind of sick of my workout clothes though, so after seeing a ton of ads for Fabletics I decided to try it out. I figured that even if I hated everything, I could share my review with you in case you were thinking about trying them too....more
I'm a Fabletics subscriber -- and I never would have purchased that pick. LOL You can look at ...more

Suicide Is Not Selfish

I don’t want to hear another person say that suicide is “selfish”....more
Feminista, Thank you for writing this. Just thank you.more