BlogHer Food '13: Day Two in Tweets

Day Two of BlogHer Food '13 in Austin has come to a close. It was another busy day full of learning, networking, taking in some of the city and, of course, eating! I gathered up some great tweets, photos and Vine videos to share with you in our post today. As always, it's just one post per session, so be sure to check out the #BlogHerFood hashtag for much more!...more

The Bridge That Is Any Bridge

I normally avoid the bridge after a jumper jumps. While inconvenient, as the bridge connects the northern and southern portions of our small city, avoiding the long, sloping bridge over the train tracks is possible. A shortcut here, a longcut there, a roundabout, a “let’s explore this road we’ve never driven on before.” A purposeful, intentional avoidance; a subconscious, necessary avoidance. ...more

BlogHer Food '13: Day One in Tweets

Happy BlogHer Food '13 day! Everything kicked off in Austin, TX this morning. I worked hard to follow along with the #BlogHerFood hashtag to bring you, as we always do, Day One in Tweets. Because we have so many amazing attendees quoting our wonderful speakers in our many sessions, we only have room to share one tweet per session. But they're some good ones!...more

Is It Ever Okay to Put the Needs of One Kid Over the Other?

It’s hard to admit, but being a parent to a child with a special need means understanding that you can’t give of yourself equally all of the time. I don’t think any parent can. There are just times when one child needs you more. We meet the needs that need to be met in order of importance. We have to pick....more
Well said!  I think it is really important that children understand this balance and that ...more

The Importance of Self-Care with Speakers from Healthminder Day

Like we have in the past for our conferences, we're bringing you some speaker interviews for our upcoming BlogHer events in Chicago this July. First up, we're asking some select speakers from the Self-Care and Social Health tracks at Healthminder Day this important question:...more
'?' Wrong punctuation!more

HPV & Our Sons: Why I'm Vaccinating My Boys

I've always been wary of vaccines. We did choose to vaccinate our children, but at a much slower pace than the suggested multiple-shots-per-doctor's-visit. It's not that I wanted to cause a mumps outbreak in my city; I wanted to slow things down, to have some control over the amount of stuff entering my kids' bodies. I wanted to be able to watch for individual reactions, not wonder which vaccine did what if some adverse reaction did happen post-shot. But let me tell you something: The moment my oldest son turns 11-years-old? He's getting the Gardasil vaccine....more
I actually didn't know that boys could get the vaccine. I have girls and they are being ...more

So, Let’s Talk About Weight Loss & Me

It’s not a secret that I lost weight over the past year. I’m proud of it as I worked hard. While I may not brag incessantly, I’m not hiding it either. I lost weight and got healthy over the past year. Go me! ...more

#WIWSunday: What I Wore Sunday, June 2, 2013

What I Wore Sunday, June 2, 2013 ...more