Give Them a Chance

I watched it all go down from the safety of inside the concession stand, working my volunteer hours for my kids’ teams. The kid was out, but the Little League coach wasn’t hearing it. I don’t know exactly what was said as I filled cup after endless cup of slushies for children who seemingly have more money than I do, but I saw the umpire reach his boiling point ....more

52 Weeks of Brotherhood: The One with Fun Day

The end of school is upon us. Next Wednesday marks the boys’ last day of this school year. We’re beyond ready for summer break, for time together, for travel, for sunshine, for bike rides, for swimming, for a break from school ....more

No Technology Weekdays: What’s Working for Us

Technology used to be a problem in our house. Screen time presented an on-going set of problems: negotiating problems, arguing between brothers problems, using technology as either a reward or a punishment problems, zombie-technologified children problems, parents who were over technology problems. Neither of us adults knew what to do about it ....more

One Year Later

One year ago today I ran my first half marathon. I ran the Cleveland (Half) Marathon over Pittsburgh’s last year because I didn’t believe in myself enough to tackle Pittsburgh’s hills. I actually didn’t believe in myself enough for Cleveland either; the wave of awe that washed over me when I crossed the finish line sticks with me to this day ....more

Beautiful Things

“Music Sunday,” read the church bulletin this morning. We already knew that it happened to be Music Sunday as our sons participate in Children’s Choir. This Sunday marked the culmination of all their Thursday practicing ....more

Social Media Quotes, Photos, and Video from Day Two of BlogHer Food '14

While Day One of BlogHer Food kicked off the fun, Day Two brought held its own quite well, thankyouverymuch. Our attendees were out in full force, tweeting and instagramming and sharing all of the most quoteable of quotes. Quick warning: Don't click through if you are hungry. Or... do. ...more
We want in next year!!more

Social Media Snippets from Day One at BlogHer Food '14

We kicked off BlogHer Food '14 in a big way on social media today. I followed the hashtag on both Twitter and Instagram, and let me tell you, I got pretty hungry. The food looked delicious. The quote-ables coming out of session inspired me. And the #BlogHerFoodSweepsEntry photos made me so glad that we have fun, interactive sponsors to help make our conferences both fun and informative. If you couldn't attend or just want to see what the day looked like today, click on through. Many thanks to the Instagram users who allowed me to embed their images! ...more

52 Weeks of Brotherhood: The One with the Collage

Sometimes you have a week that catches you off guard. Sometimes news comes that you weren’t expecting, and you find yourself sitting on the porch in the dark with your husband, listening to country music. Sometimes you look at the photos from the past week and your breath catches in your throat and you simultaneously give thanks for the time you have together and curse the quick passing of that time ....more

Happy Birthday, You

32 years ago, my husband broke his mom’s rib entering this world. He’s been busy being awesome ever since. To that point, I’d like to share ten of my favorite moments from this past year with him ....more

Wondering What to Wear to BlogHer Food in Miami? We Have Some Ideas!

BlogHer Food '14 is this week! I know we're beyond excited to bring you two days full of learning, fun, networking, and more. While you're getting excited too, you're probably asking the age old conference questions: What should I wear? What should I pack? I've thrown together some cute, fun, colorful ideas from dressy to casual and back again. Check it out before you finish packing. ...more
Yup!!! It's interesting to see a new blogher food in ...more