Wondering What to Wear to BlogHer Food in Miami? We Have Some Ideas!

BlogHer Food '14 is this week! I know we're beyond excited to bring you two days full of learning, fun, networking, and more. While you're getting excited too, you're probably asking the age old conference questions: What should I wear? What should I pack? I've thrown together some cute, fun, colorful ideas from dressy to casual and back again. Check it out before you finish packing. ...more
Yup!!! It's interesting to see a new blogher food in ...more

A Mother’s Day to Remember

The door to my bedroom flew open at exactly eight o’clock this morning. LittleBrother burst into the room, a smile on his face. “MOMMY!” He yelled ....more

This Year

I didn’t attend the Mother Daughter Tea at my church. While the blurb in the newsletter stated that “all women were invited,” the whole “Mother Daughter” title comes off as exclusionary. It pushes the whole “you don’t have a daughter” in my face, even though I do ....more

What’s Changed in My Blogging in the Past 10 Years?

Yesterday Selfiebration was launched as part of BlogHer’s 10th Anniversary Celebration. Over the course of the next 11 weeks, fellow bloggers will be writing posts looking back at the past ten years of blogging. I’ll be participating as time allows ....more

Coffee Coffee Bo Boffee: A Review of Market District Coffees (and a Giveaway!)

I like coffee. A lot. But I had to cut back recently ....more

22 Mother's Day Gift Ideas (That You Still Have Time For)

As Mother's Day fast approaches, panic begins to set in for men and women alike. We often talk about what we -- as moms -- want for Mother's Day, but sometimes (ahem, last year) we forget that we have moms, grandmothers, friends who are amazing mothers, aunts and so on in our lives. These amazing women deserve our love, our gifts, our appreciation as well. If you've forgotten someone and you're beginning to wonder how you'll carve out time or find a unique gift, I present you these Mother's Day gift ideas....more
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52 Weeks of Brotherhood: The One with the Catching Up

We’ve been busy here, in this place somewhere between winter and summer, between rain drops and cold breezes, between clouds and sunshine. Little League is in full swing, leaving us parents chauffeuring two little boys to practices and games on various days of the week. We take time to throw the ball in the yard, to set up the pitch back, to go over potential play scenarios on a lap chalkboard in the living room, to remind them to have fun above all else ....more

Writing My Own Story

Writing my own story is hard. For years, I wrote and wrote and wrote and wrote about adoption. I poured my heart and soul into my now defunct adoption blog, The Chronicles of Munchkin Land ....more

Race Recap: The Dick’s Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon

Well. I did it. I’m a marathoner ....more

INTERVIEW: Sarah McLachlan Talks About Her New Album, Motherhood, Feminism, and More

Some musicians mean more to us than a catchy tune on a hot summer day. Some come into our lives with one album, an album that gets left on repeat for months—even years. We grow and process and change as we listen to the music on the album. And then? A new one comes out a few years later. The artist has grown and changed, and so have we. Rinse, repeat as the years pass, the albums continue to be released, and both artist and self grow and change and mature and feel and live life. Sarah McLachlan is that singer/songwriter for me, and her albums have journeyed with me throughout my life. I was thrilled to get to interview her about her new album, Shine On, motherhood, feminism, and life....more
She's. So. Awesome.more