Jennifer Arlin

I am an attorney, freelance writer, and blogger, but my real life's work is the raising of three children in suburban New Jersey.  My blog, "Still Life With Crockpot," began in December 2010 as a way of sharing the ups and downs of life as a working mom.  It incoporates childhood memories, travel, food, current events, and issues of importance to women in general, all tempered with a healthy dose of humor.  Be sure to check in regularly and to let me know what you think.

Freedom of Religion and Obamacare: The Hobby Lobby Decision Explained

Because I feel it's necessary, based on all the misinformation and puzzlement I have been hearing, here is a plain-English explanation of what went down at the United States Supreme Court last week. I hope it will explain for laypersons, in and out of the United States, what everyone is talking about, with as little politicizing and legalese as possible. (If you're a regular reader, you already know what I think.) ...more

When The Boss Turns Out To Be Bossy

Let me say at the outset that I am not a fan of the "ban bossy" movement. I think it's a gimmick, and while it does open up some discussion as to how we use our vocabulary in gender-biased ways, it stigmatizes a useful word for which, sometimes, there is no adequate substitute. Now, I'm afraid to say it, even though I wish I could without being instantly judged. Anyway....more

Sexual Assault: Can We Call It What It Is?

On May 1, the federal Department of Education released a list of 55 colleges and universities that it is investigating in connection with their handling of sexual assault complaints. The government is to determine whether the handling (or, actually, the nonhandling) of the allegations violates Title IX, the 1972 law that prohibits discrimination based on gender in institutions of higher education....more
She nailed it, exactly what happens on campus, when someone is sexually assault. After ...more

Nourish: Ten Tips For The New Cook

[BlogHer's theme for May is "Nourish." With farmers' markets opening all over the United States and wedding season kicking off, I don't think this theme could be any more timely.] I have a Facebook friend - a young woman, a graduate student - who is getting married this summer. She's bright and funny and very excited about the new house she and her fiancé have bought. She can't wait for her wedding day and her new life. There's just one problem: she's worried that she can't cook. She's really worried about it. ...more

I'm Not Paid To Look Good, And I'm Thankful For That

Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of attending the premiere of a documentary at the Tribeca Film Festival. I'm not usually a festival-goer or a Hollywood party type, but this documentary is special: It's about a case that my husband and I worked on, and my husband, as one of the lead defense attorneys in the case, is featured pretty prominently in it. I'm not in the film, but last week I authored the petition for certiorari that we submitted to the United States Supreme Court. (Click on the links here to read more about ...more
Your post resonated with me! [congratulations to you and your husband on the documentary and ...more


My high school class celebrated its thirtieth reunion last week. I didn't go to the festivities at the school, but I attended a cocktail party at a private home, and I was delighted to see all my classmates. I went to an all-girls' independent school in Manhattan, so the gathering was exclusively female. There were forty-one of us in the graduating class, but we include in our reunions anyone who was a part of the class at any point, and that encompasses about fifty women in all. ...more

New Jersey Mall Shooting: I Almost Lost My Husband and Daughter Last Night

"I just want to tell you we're fine," he said in a soft voice. I could hear Becky crying in the background. At first, I thought they'd been in a car accident, but then my husband explained. "There has been a shooting at the mall. The Apple employees have us all locked up in their stock room in the back. We're totally okay, but Becky is a little freaked out." ...more
Wow - glad that your family is OK.  That is a scary story, it could have happened to anybody -=\more

I'm So Old That...

I turned 47 at the beginning of this week. I've started to view getting older as a great gift, especially in the past few months, when I have heard all kinds of crazy stories of sudden deaths. One of them was a boy I had a crush on when I was six. He died suddenly at 46, leaving behind his wife and adored children. Another was a college classmate whom I did not know well. A third was a soldier killed in action last week, a dear friend of a dear friend. So, as I pause to celebrate another year, I think about how lucky I am to be alive and well, with my family intact. ...more

The Weight of the Matter

[Many thanks to Kasey Edwards, whose post on the website Role Reboot,  "When Your Mother Says She's Fat", got me thinking and largely inspired this post.] ...more

Shaking My Head: The Zimmerman Verdict and Race

I'm thinking about the George Zimmerman verdict in Florida. Who isn't? For a few weeks, many of us have been watching the trial, closely or in passing, word-for-word or in highlighted bits on the evening news. Zimmerman, an armed neighborhood watch volunteer, patrolling his housing complex one evening, spots a young man named Trayvon Martin, who appears not to belong....more
Indeed, race is complicated.  We're no longer a binary system.  Yet what is equally troubling is ...more