Jennifer Byde Myers

I would insert the Internet in my head if I could, even if it was a little bit dangerous and I might not live as long.

and perhaps a not so suprising fact...Since I left home for college, I've never been back to my hometown for longer than 3 weeks in a row.


Jennifer Byde Myers is a writer, editor, and parent of a child with autism. She has been writing since 2003 chronicling her family’s journey from diagnosis to daily living with her son’s special needs. Her writing has been featured at, and in several books, including the award-winning My Baby Rides the Short Bus. She is a reguar contributor at Dandelion Magazine. Jennifer has been interviewed on NPR, most recently on Forum with Michael Krasny, and is a Must-Read Mom. She is a founder and editor of The Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism, a resource dedicated to providing science- and evidence-based information and practical advice, with information from autistics, parents of children with autism, and the professionals who support the community. She lives on the San Francisco peninsula with her husband and two children. Follow her on Twitter at @jennyalice.

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My high school reunion is in just a few weeks, and when I go to the dinner and dancing we’ve planned, I’ll see many of the people I went to school with from first grade until that day in June when we received our diplomas twenty years ago. I missed our last big reunion because I had just given birth to our first child, and other than a few visits at the holidays, a couple of weddings and my two baby showers, I really haven’t been back “home” or seen many of those classmates in all of those 20 years. ...more

I love that picture of you. And I think you'll have the best 20th in OC history - because the ...more