My Favorite Summer Things

Hi friends. Here I am! ...more

What I’m Reading

I’m a horrible reader. Not that I can’t read, duh, but I make no time to read. I put reading on our bucket list because I just want to get moving ....more

To the dads

It never really quite hits that you’re the mom and dad like when a massive storm hits. Instead of running to your parents’ room, you’re the one running upstairs to make sure the kids aren’t too close to the window. You’re the one bringing them down for good measure ....more

Have you Seen My Running Mojo?

I went running today at lunch. I’ve actually gone running 6 times since last Thursday. ...more

Friday Health Update

Hello! I haven’t done an update in a while. So here goes my weekly health update! ...more

What I’m Listening To – New Music

If you know me, you know music is one of my favorite releases, especially when running. ...more

The Summer Bucket List – Austin, TX

Summer’s coming fast and in Texas, that means it’s hot. And also that the big girl is out of school and will need stuff to do because “oh my gosh I’m so borrrrrrrrreed.” ...more

Laugh Hard

This weekend was Ava and Allie’s dance recitals. ...more

Camping and My fail at Fitness

Here I am. Not too much going on and not a lot to report. Fitness Wondering how my gung ho attempt at health is going? ...more

Coming out – I had Postpartum Anxiety

This is Maternal Mental Health Month. ...more