Jessica Shaham

I'm a mom of four boys. I blog about them. I also blog about birth, breastfeeding, and car seats. I aim to educate women about their birth options to help them avoid unnecessary cesarean sections and increase VBAC rates as well as to provide breastfeeding support and information and inform parents about proper use of car seats. 

I also wrote a book on breastfeeding, a simple introductory text for your Kindle or Kindle app, The Jessica on Babies Breastfeeding FAQ.

Yes, I am "Still" Breastfeeding My Toddler!

My third son, G, is now 31 months (that's 2 years and 7 months for those less month-county than I am). I had originally thought I would nurse him until he was two, as I had his older brother. However, during my fourth pregnancy, my milk dried up for the most part, several months before G turned two. I allowed him to continue to comfort-nurse and drink any colostrum he could extract, but I knew he wasn't getting all the benefits of breastmilk I had hoped to keep providing....more

Let's Not Let Any More Babies Die in Hot Cars

It's (finally) spring, and some parts of the country and world are starting to warm up quickly. With the sun coming out come the reminders about the dangers of leaving kids (and pets) in the car. Cars warm up very quickly in direct sunlight, even when the temperature is fairly mild, and a child or animal trapped in a hot car can suffer dehydration, heat stroke, hyperthermia, and even death if left long enough....more

Raising Independent Kids: Treading the Line Between Safety and Self-Sufficiency

A recent article in The Atlantic by Hanna Rosin really got me thinking. In it, she talks about how children in generations past (my childhood, my parents' childhood) spent a lot more time out and about alone. I'm sure we all have stories about how we used to go out riding our bikes for hours in the afternoons, went exploring in local woods and open spaces, had secret lairs with our friends, walked ourselves to and from school, and so on....more

New Blog Series: What Did I Make Tonight? Here are Some Basics!

I'm not a "food blogger." I'm a "Mommy blogger." But there's some overlap when it comes to easy meals to feed the family. So this new series on my blog, Jessica on Babies, will highlight  "on-the-fly" meals I make for my family. This posts has some absolute beginnger stuff, for those who are new to cooking and need to learn some very basic techniques....more

Milk Donation: A Personal Story

A couple of days ago, a woman reached out on Facebook to a group I'm a part of. She recently gave birth by c-section and was doing okay until she came down with a MRSA infection in her incision. Her OB tried hard to find a treatment that would be compatible with breastfeeding, but it finally came down to her having to stop breastfeeding for a week so she could take some powerful antibiotics to knock out the infection. She made a plea to our group for help getting her donor milk to feed her baby for the week....more

Enjoying Quiet Time in an Often-Noisy House

My house is often noisy. There's always something going on. With six people in and out all the time (some more in than others), there's always activity. It may be the TV or other electronics, a bass or guitar being strummed or picked, someone crying, screaming, or laughing, feet stomping across the wood floor as the five-year-old dashes to the bathroom or the two-year-old goes looking for Mommy or Daddy. There's arguing and playing, running around, shrieks of joy or frustration....more

Lessons Learned from Taking (Guitar) Lessons

I recently took up the guitar. I've always been fairly musical. I took piano for 10 years as a child. I'm one of those adults who can look back and say, ruefully, "I would have been really good if only I'd practiced..." I sang in my school choirs from middle school through college. I've always enjoyed how easily music comes to me, but I've become rusty over the intervening years of not exercising my gift....more

Why I Vaccinate My Children

My youngest, Baby Y, had his four-month well-baby checkup today. He weighed in at a healthy 18 pounds even and was a robust 26.75 inches long. At four months, he is rivaling his three brothers for size and chunkiness. Four months also meant a second round of vaccinations for my little one. He needed rotavirus, which is administered orally, as well as shots for hepatitis B, Hib, pneumococcal, diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, and polio. (Some were combined, so it was three shots total.) He didn't even react when the first shot was given and cried briefly after the third. He slept for a few hours and is now playing happily, like nothing happened. ...more
I just wrote a ...more

What Do You Do with Baby Clothes When You No Longer Need Them?

As my youngest, who just turned four months, begins to outgrow his clothing, I'm finding in myself an unexpected sentimentality. Many of the baby clothes we have were originally my oldest's (now seven years old!) and have been handed down to each of the boys in turn. There are several outfits that all four have worn, and every time I bring out a box of the next size up, I am heard to squeal, "Oh, this was my favorite! No, this was my favorite!" I look forward to putting certain outfits on the new baby as he grows into them....more

Why I Didn't Breastfeed My First Baby

My oldest son is 7. He was mostly formula-fed from birth, and completely formula-fed from about 7 weeks of age.Given the person I am now, the breastfeeding advocate and educator, who has successfully breastfed three subsequent children, sometimes I look back and can't quite believe he wasn't breastfed. But his birth and my experience with him is what made me so passionate about birth and breastfeeding in the first place.But why wasn't he breastfed?...more