Jessica Dreistadt

Jessica R. Dreistadt is a visionary dreamer, creative thinker, scholar, poet, social philosopher, and results-oriented community change practitioner. She is the founding director of The Fruition Coalition, a second-year doctoral student in organizational leadership, a writer, a social justice and community benefit organization educator, and a passionate advocate for progressive social change. She has self-published two books, The People Pages: Resources for Social Change and Ashley and Tiana; her third book, Limitless Loving Leadership, is in progress. She has also written and published many articles, including Voting Rights: The Struggle for Democracy which was recognized with a Williams Award. She has served nonprofit organizations for over 14 years including more than six years as an executive director. As a community advocate, Jessica acted as executive producer of a MarCom Award winning documentary video, Food for Thought: Hunger in the Lehigh Valley, and organized the Lehigh Valley Campaign to Raise the Minimum Wage. Jessica has a master’s degree in sociology from Lehigh University as well as a master’s degree in nonprofit management from Eastern University. In addition to developing many community-based workshops, she has designed and taught college courses about entrepreneurship, fundraising, public relations, and program evaluation. She is a transformational leader, educator, and writer who is dedicated to working toward a more compassionate, just, sustainable, harmonious, joyous, and beautiful planet.

How to Write Vision and Mission Statements

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Living an Uncluttered Life Full of Light

Around this time each year, my thoughts are directed toward what I would like to change in my life. A new year brings with it hope for restoration and renewal.Like many others, my New Year's resolutions always seem to be failed attempts to force personal transformation. Within weeks, my old mental and physical habits are restored and the good intentions of my resolutions slowly slip away....more