Kicking, Screaming, Happy Monday

We've been in a slump lately. A tantrum slump. Meaning, there are tantrums all ....more

Finding Joy

Writing is fun. It is joyful and therapeutic, inspirational, cathartic, soul-reaching work. When it isn't work.Writing as a profession can sort of suck ....more

Don't Judge

Tonight, we were reading scriptures. (And don't think we're all perfect and read everyday. We so don't.) It was Hunter's turn ....more


(I spent the past couple days focusing on thoughts and writing and vulnerability. Instead of a photo, today I decided to write on the prompt.)I drove myself up the canyon. A winding road twisted among the bare trees, their tips budding with the promise of spring ....more



Photo a Day- SHINE

After a week of snow, even a little sunshine is welcome. Through the moonroof ....more

Let's Try This Again- Photo-a-Day

This was such a failure when I tried it in February, but I still like the idea. So, I'm trying again. Here's the list- And here's today's photo ....more

Give Gwyneth a Break

The internet can be a great place. You can learn a lot of strange and interesting facts.Like, everyone has a unique tongueprint, like fingerprints. ...more

Where I Lived

It's raining today. And cold. But, if I sit very still and close my eyes, I can almost feel the warm of the Arizona sun on my bare shoulders ....more

Writing Prompt Wednesday- Lover's Quarrel

This week's prompt comes from Write on Edge. The prompt is a choice of a quote and/or a picture. ...more