Jami Hepworth

Me in three adjectives: passionate, opinionated, tender-hearted.

I'm a twenty-something, old soul, LDS (Mormon), BYU alumna, wife to a first year med school student, and stay-at-home-mamma to one baby boy (out of breath yet?) and I've got a mind of my own! I thrive on sharing that mind with the world on my blog: "A Bit Backward. . ."


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Poopy Times Call for Poopy Measures . . .

Things have been busy and messy around here. Partially because about a month ago we entered into the magical world of potty training. I paid a chunk of cash to read and do the intensive three day potty training program, which was helpful ....more

For My Friends: 24 Favorite Recipes in One Blog Post

So, I've been in a bit of a blog funk lately. I actually have written a couple of posts and am chewing on some more in my mind right now, but, nothing is flowing quite right. So, I'm trying to break my block by going ahead and posting this nice little lazy post ....more

Is Mormonism's Approach to Politics Socialist, Conservative, or Libertarian?

**I'm not an official spokesperson for my church! Just a concerned citizen, who studies her scriptures. Read, study and share your opinion if you think I misrepresented anything!** The church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints maintains a position of political neutrality ....more

Georgia in Gilbert: Our Visit to the Temple Open House

Last Friday I went to the Gilbert temple open house with my friend, Georgia, and my two kiddos. What is a temple open house? And who is my friend, Georgia? ...more

Charity is Respect for Others' Agency

For many years now, I have loved to ponder the mysterious meaning of the word “Charity” as described in Moroni 7:45-47: ...more

Why does the definition of marriage we accept matter?

As you may or may not know, activist judges in Utah and Oklahoma overturned the people's vote, and started to allow for same-sex marriage against the will and voice of the people. On facebook, I felt to share this link, which I thought had some valid points to consider on the issue, as a show of my support for the people rallying for the definition of marriage to remain as a union between one man and one woman. Sharing this link, of course, brought on a very lengthy discussion and debate on my facebook wall ....more

Letters to My Sister: Things to Read, Buy, Learn and Do to Prepare

Dear Sister,It has been a while since I wrote you a letter. I have learned some more stuff about the topic of preparedness, and so I thought I would pass some gems to you. I will share some things I think you should consider buying, learning and doing to be prepared for the calamities that are coming in these the last days ....more

Coming Unto Christ: Developing a Personal Relationship with Our Savior

I was asked to speak in church a couple of weeks ago on the theme of "Coming unto Christ." I thought I would post my talk here on the blog for our family records, and for anyone who might be interested to read my thoughts on the subject....more

On Developing Sensitivity to One's Conscience

I don't know why I am writing this post, or who this is for exactly but I keep getting the feeling I should write something about the topic of developing sensitivity to one's conscience. My inclination to write this and to follow through seems fitting for the topic of the post, don't you think? ;)...more

Hepworth Family Christmas Traditions

So, we're not really doing the Santa thing around here. We sing a song about Santa here and there. (Lincoln's singing, "You better watch out! ...more