Shakespeare, Super Bowls & Sideline Wench Pojjioli

I just love hearing Sylvia Pojjioli say her name - I always have. Doesn't matter what she's reporting. ...more

The beauty of unenhanced breasts

I got to see what that looks like today, after my second follow-up MRI - the first follow-up having been after my first-ever MRI. ...more

Sounds like the rigamarole I had to go through a few weeks ago related to a med my oldest child ...more

Attention Bill Clinton: Step Away From The Wife

You can exchange "wife" with "significant other" or any one of many roles a female has in the life of a man if you'd like to universalize this post, because I'm sure what I'm about to describe occurs in long-term relationships as well as father-daughter, sister-brother, son-mother and other connections. ...more

From several Ohio bloggers who happen to be male. ;) They are sure she's faking and they are ...more

Newspapers still resist: they don't walk like ducks or blog like blogs

If traditional journalists keep wanting to describe bloggers as not really journalists, I will feel no guilt over saying that traditional journalists who put content on a platform we or they call a blog aren't really bloggers. Especially with the number of layers they provide between the so-called journalists and the reader/consumer/voter/audience. Read this article from Media Shift and see if you don't agree with me. What papers are trying: ...more

Here in Ohio, two major metro papers have tried to do blogs more the way you and I think of ...more

Survey says! 75% of journalists use blogs for story ideas, angles and insight

Did you ever blog or read a blog post about something that, within days, maybe even hours showed up in a print or online publication piece? The topic, a few words, maybe similar sources. You aren't seeing things. Jerry Johnson, head of strategic planning at Brodeur, reported results of his survey of U.S. journalists at the Consumer Electronics Show last week in Las Vegas. From Fox Business: ...more

Sometimes I feel like I live in an alternate reality, so it's nice to get a check with others ...more

Looping, or just loopy? In defense of political experience, at the risk of political entrenchment

Yesterday, I went to lunch with a near 30-year veteran of a major metropolitan newspaper who retired a little over a year ago. She's a Barack Obama supporter and I'm a Democratic fence-sitter. Since my top three candidates are gone, baby, gone, I now will choose between the top three finishers in Iowa and New Hampshire. But how - how will I choose? What criteria do I find to be most relevant? Which criteria are the most relevant? ...more

Thanks for raising them. Hmm.

I guess part of me so stuck on just how vast the U.S. gov't ...more

Triumph of social networking over typical political machinery

Valdis Krebs does amazing work. He's produced social network maps about the 9/11 perpetrators, political book reading habits and Middle East power-player relations among many others. I've written about him here. ...more

WaPo's Yoffe on "The Other Halves" aka candidates' spouses & their influence

A little light reading courtesy of the Washington Post on a very light blogging day (Merry Christmas to all celebrating) that related to the BlogHer discussion about whether candidates, their spouses or both should address BlogHer's Voter Manifesto and interview opportunities. ...more

Lisa -

Don't know if it's already on the list of things you could do with all the feedback, ...more

PINK Magazine opens nominations for top companies for women in business

Do you read PINK magazine? I remember when I first read it in the fall of 2005, I was underwhelmed. It just didn't seem deep enough for me. But the few times I've picked it up since, I've definitely felt more positive about it. ...more

"Your Billion Dollar President"

Journalists John Hockenberry (the very first Talk of the Nation host!) and Adaora Udoji will be hosting a new morning show on public radio station WNYC starting next year. ...more