Julie Howell

Hello, My name is Julie L M Howell.  I am an artist who is raising a nine year old boy alone at this current moment I'm doing it totally broke .  I am trying to find a ob while being refused by the jobforce because I'm over qualified and over educated, which makes me unhireable.  Funny how people think isn't it.  NOT 

Looking for ideas and help

I'm reaching out to find anyone with a heart for God who listens to His voice, and answers. I'm in a place in life I don't know what to do.  I fight to get a job to pay the bills only to hear, You're over educated and over qualified  we can't hire you.  I need a helping hand from someone out there.  I have a son to raise and need to keep him safe and find a way to get money to pay the bills.  God says good things come to thosee who wait.  How long does one need t wait until the world around her explodes?...more