Holiday Gift Ideas for the Practical People On Your List

Ah, the practical's tough to think of just the right gift for the "no frills" friend.  Here's a few suggestions that might work!...more

Holiday Shopping - Keep It Local

You've made your list of gift recipients (you do have a list, don't you?) and now you need to get some shopping done.  Do you put on your jammies and fire up your laptop or do you fill up your gas tank and summon your good parking karma?...more

Holiday Shopping - Hello World Wide Web

In part one of our holiday shopping guide, we stayed close to home and explored what locally owned shops had to offer.  Now, let's head out to the world wide web and find the best places to shop online.  Because it's hard to beat shopping without leaving your bedroom!...more

Nine Great Holiday Gifts for the Home

So no, we're not advocating putting these under the tree with "To Our Wonderful Home" on the gift tag - because, duh, the house doesn't have opposable thumbs to unwrap the box.  However, we think these are great gift ideas for friends and family who like practical, usable gifts....more

Tech Gifts for the Holidays

Ah, tech gifts.  The ones many of us drool about and long to receive.  That makes it an easy category for recommendations - so listen to me and run out and buy a new Macbook Pro, a Kindle Fire, a fancy new smartphone, and/or the beloved iPad for that special person on your gift list.  What, you say?  You already KNOW about those obvious choices and you want something different, maybe a bit less expensive.  You're in just the right place.......more
The one tech gift that I think is absolutely awesome that is not on this list is the Livescribe ...more

Holiday Gifts to Make Someone Smile

I love a gift that brings a grin to my face.  Something that's part cute, part sassy, part really good looking.  Here's a few I found that I thought were worth sharing!...more
These are great, I have to say I am very partial to the ceramic pig speaker. I'm going to submit ...more

8 Gift Ideas for Sports Lovers

Great gift ideas for your favorite sports enthusiast!...more

Office Music Needs Good Speakers, Too

My summer office is the dining table on our back patio.  Yeah, I know.  I'm quite the lucky girl.  I sit at that table and think and type and sort papers and make phone calls and answer e-mails and the like.  It's an upgrade from my winter office, which is the kitchen counter....more

Socks - Wadded Balls of Generational Discontent

Now that all three kids are back under our roof (welcome home, Libby!) I, guided by nothing but sheer instinct, started changing my household habits.  Subtle tweaks are being made to laundry, grocery shopping, and cleaning routines to...more

Cutest Shoes In The World

Recently, my good friend John told me I should check out a local store, Jax Outdoor Gear.  He thought I might like it.  I was a bit skeptical - I imagined guns and a lot of camo.  But I gave it a try and he was correct - it's my new favorite place!  Why, you ask?  Because in addition to guns and lots of camo (which totally creeped me out) they have Carhart shorts for Very Excellent Husband Don, live baby chicks (it was all I could do to not bring the entire brood home with me) and the CUTEST SHOES IN THE WORLD....more