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I'm a 2-time layoff "graduate" (I learned from both experiences), a veteran of the United States Marine Corps (Semper Fi!), and someone who enjoys learning as much about new technology as possible so I can help people successfully find jobs.

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Bad Assumptions About Networking for Your Job Search

Many job seekers have told me how much they hate networking for their job search. They don’t like meeting strangers, particularly when they (and the strangers) have “an agenda.” They’d rather spend (waste?) time endlessly clicking on the “Apply” button on job boards than venture out into the scary world of “NETWORKING”! My favorite networking […] The post Bad Assumptions About Networking for Your Job Search by Susan P ....more

Job Search Networking Secrets From the Top Recruiters

I attended the Fordyce Forum, a two-day conference of top independent recruiters (also known as “head hunters”). And it was a VERY educational experience! At the Forum, I was able to meet and interact with over 120 of these top professional networkers in action ....more

Layoffs: 3 Bad Employee Assumptions

If your employer has recently begun laying off staff, time to pay attention to your salary continuation plan (and career self-preservation, as well). As anyone who has been through a series of layoffs can tell you, things do not generally improve. A large study was done in the 1980′s that showed that once the layoffs […] The post Layoffs: 3 Bad Employee Assumptions by Susan P ....more

Why Job Search Is SO Hard Today

The convergence of competition and technology has created the “perfect storm” of elements to make a job search very challenging today. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible to land a job now – more than 4 MILLION people are hired every month in the USA. However, landing a job takes focus and effort ....more

Sending Successful Job Interview Thank You Notes

A recent study conducted by CareerBuilder indicated that NOT sending a thank you note will hurt your candidacy with over twenty percent...more

How to Make Sure Your References HELP Your Job Search

For many job seekers, the references needed for a job search are something relatively trivial, a final administrative hurdle to get through – the last small detail before the job offer is made. Unfortunately, few employers see references as trivial, with good reason, and apparently more than 50% of the time, references put an end […] The post How to Make Sure Your References HELP Your Job Search by Susan P. Joyce appeared first on Work Coach Cafe ....more

Summer Is a Great Time to Job Hunt

If you think of your job search as a sales process, and you really should because it is, one of the best times to try to make a sale is when the competition is not paying attention – or, at least, not competing with you as much as they usually do. The Best Times to […] The post Summer Is a Great Time to Job Hunt by Susan P. Joyce appeared first on Work Coach Cafe ....more

Choosing the Best Job Postings for You, the largest job board in the world, currently has over 65,000 jobs open just in Boston, Massachusetts. If you live in Boston, how would you choose the right postings for you? Criteria for Choosing Your Next Job When you see an interesting job posting, use this five-step approach to analyze the posting to choose […] The post Choosing the Best Job Postings for You by Susan P ....more

Don’t Be Impossible to Hire!

“For sale: a mode of transportation to get you to work every day. It is reasonably priced, environmentally friendly, and gets great mileage.” Kind of vague, yes? That “mode of transportation” for sale could be: an MBTA public transit pass (only good in Boston for an unspecified period of time), a pair of shoes (high […] ...more

5 Very Important Reasons to Have Your Photo on LinkedIn

I think of the photos we have in our social media profiles, particularly LinkedIn, as akin to personal logos. I recognize the photos of many colleagues and others from their profiles in the various social networks, and I look for those familiar faces in other settings. Do You Avoid Discrimination by Not Having a Profile […] ...more