Susan Joyce

I'm a 2-time layoff "graduate" (I learned from both experiences), a veteran of the United States Marine Corps (Semper Fi!), and someone who enjoys learning as much about new technology as possible so I can help people successfully find jobs.

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New Grads: These 10 Job Search Mistakes Cost You Time and Money

Your first “real” (as in, now-I-must-be-self-supporting) job search is a learning experience like no other. So many options; so little time! You do NOT want to make mistakes, but you may not be clear on exactly what to do next and what is appropriate ....more

Best and Worst Terms to Use in Your Resume – Ranked by Hiring Managers

In a recent CareerBuilders survey, over 2,200 hiring managers were asked to rank the terms they typically see in resumes as good or bad terms to use. The results really weren’t too surprising, but they are interesting to note, particularly if you are currently submitting resumes for job opportunities. The 15...more

How to Quickly and Easily Customize Your Resume for EACH Opportunity

Customizing your resume for each opportunity is not optional in most situations. Resume/application customization is becoming increasingly important now that most resumes and applications are stored in an employer’s resume database or applicant tracking system (“ATS”). In addition, several recent studies have indicated that the human reviewer – if/when they do actually see your resume […] ...more

5 Reasons Why You Should Customize Your Resume

I’ve spoken or interacted with several job seekers recently who think that customizing their resumes for specific opportunities is a waste of their time. I’ve even heard from a professional resume writer who agreed with that approach. One resume, sufficiently generalized to cover a wide range of employers and opportunities is fine ....more

What Were They Thinking? 30 Crazy Job Interview Behaviors

As challenging as it is for most job seekers to “score” a job interview, the actions of many job seekers in job interviews raise questions about their understanding of what job interviews are or, perhaps, their true interests in the opportunities those job interviews provide. A recent CareerBuilder study of over 2,200 hiring managers and […] ...more

Layoff Self-Defense

Working for an employer which is doing a series of layoffs is a very unpleasant experience. You see both good and not-so-good people lose their jobs. At the same time, you wonder when the ax is going to fall on you ....more

Should Employers Require Salary History from Job Seekers?

In a word, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooo! Yet, employers often require the current salary field to be completed in the application form (or the applicant is excluded from consideration). Many employers even ask for the most recent IRS W-2 Form in the USA, as proof not only of the salary paid, but also of the length of unemployment ....more