Jody DeVere

Jody DeVere is the CEO of, Inc. a social media marketing to women expert, journalist, car care & safety spokesperson and has more than twenty-five years of achievement as a successful entrepreneur focused on sales and marketing leadership including ten years developing web based business solutions across diverse industries. DeVere is currently the President of the Woman's Automotive Association International, member of the Car Care Council Women's Board, member of the California State Advisory Board for SkillsUSA , Board member of the Collision Industry Council, member of the SEMA Businesswomen's Networking Association and has been a Contributing Editor for the Car Channel on . She is the Shell ( MOM) Motor Oil Matters ( spokesperson and was the 2009 spokesperson for the Rain-X Division of Shell Oil and Mobil1 Motor Oil division of Exxon/Mobil on car care and safety. In the past, she has been a speaker for Michelin, American Car Care Centers, DSP20 Groups, Mercedes Benz Corporate, the National Automobile Dealer Association (, National Independent Automobile Dealer Association (, JD Power Automotive Internet Roundtable, GYNYDA, NAWBO, Marketing to Women Conference , (, Car Care Council Women's Board,, SEMA, SEMA Business Women's Networking Association, Northwood Auto Show and the Association of Automotive Internet Sales Professionals. She has appeared in the New York Times, Forbes, Wall St Journal, Oprah Magazine, Pink Magazine and many radio, TV and other media outlets. She continues to do speaking engagements on the automotive industry, social media, marketing to women, and everything in between. Visit me at

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