Jo King

I am the little train that can't. In spite of my own best efforts to somehow just get off the trainwreck that is my life over the span of half a century, I keep chugging along saying, "I think I can! I think I can!" I can't. Not with any grace or proficiency or ease. Just bumping along, hitting cows and jumping the tracks rushing headlong toward some unknowable destination.

Survey says....Shameless!

I blame “Silkwood.” Also, “All the President’s Men.” So many events of late have started out just like the plotlines of some of the movies (based on true stories) I grew up watching. The common—and satisfying—thread was something like this:Evildoers, doing evil >>>Evil discovered, usually by an underdog at a great personal risk or cost >>> Evil EXPOSED! >>> Evildoers slink off >>> Righteousness prevails! >>> THE END....more

Game Theory

Want to play a game? Sure you do! We like games, don’t we? First, we need to decide what kind of games we like or otherwise it won’t be much fun.Me, I’ve never been a fan of “Risk.” I can see very plainly that others enjoy this game very much (Putin comes to mind) and it’s still on the shelves so somebody is buying it. It’s just not my kind of game. I guess winning isn’t worth the effort to me. (Same thing with Chess. Apparently I’m not the conquering type.) ...more

And now, a poem...

Persona Mas Grateful  Let us be Gods today!Let us know (remember) our true nature as this.Shed our delusions of mortality,fallibility, uncertainty, limitations.Let us bePresent-Potent-Perfect!To know we create what we speak with no effort past intention.All-powerful!...more

Face-Palm Psalms

Face-Palm PsalmsOh Lord! But you are still a lamb, Son.What, exactly, is it thou wants?Yea, though thou swaggers throughthe valley of the shadow of death,thou doth fear no evil.Art thou stupid?Myself—and others in various arms of the justice system—consistently leadeth thee in the paths of righteousness(For goodness sake!)but thou doth fear no evil...more

Daughter, Make Mistakes!

She is crying, my 14-year-old daughter, on the sidewalk in front of our house. This is where we met when I returned from my almost-anxious walk to her school a few blocks away to look for her. She did not come home after practice as expected. My walk back – knowing she wasn’t at home or at school—was not fun. “It was a mistake!” she insisted. “I am sorry and it won’t happen again…” ...more

Don't Demure! Share your natural talents with the rest of us.

Some people demur about a "natural" talent? Pity, that. I have come to believe it is a simple lack of humility. This is all kinds of ironic because what those who hide their lights beneath a bushel are really hiding behind is a misunderstanding of what “humility” really means. ...more

Real (Healed) Men Don't Hit

I found myself in a shoving match in an online forum recently. I’m guessing the other party—who insisted other women butt out from discussing a husband’s hands-on-wife’s throat incident in the press until the victim weighed in—had no frame of reference about domestic violence. Instead of just being grateful of that fact and allowing others to share their experience and support, she went on the offensive. ...more

Sweeping Phil -- a Dog Love Story

What We Got at the Walmart  It has been a comedy routine, me & Phil, sweeping the house....more

A meditation for someone who has lost joy in life

Take a deep breath and pay close attention, please. You are a soul that happens to be in a body. You are not your body or your thoughts or your brain or your experiences. From always until always that thing that is YOU is, always has been and always will be. Think of a pilot light in a furnace. YOU are the flame....more

No "But!" about it -- "And" energizes creative solutions (From a sort-of book I wrote a while back)

Reason and passion? Who knew?Someone came into my life once with, it seems, a lesson to tell me straight up that I would not have learned otherwise—no matter how much I beat myself up in the back and forth.“And,” he said.What?“And.”Apparently, people can multitask. We can be two separate ways of being, simultaneously. In real time. No excuses needed.I had been listing my deficiencies as a human being. My shortcomings and character flaws. He mentioned I also had good aspects of me and that the bad list did not cancel out the good....more