Applying the "S" word in business

Jory Des Jardins also blogs at Pause. Last year I met with a respected, retired executive, now a successful excecutive coach who studies and practices Shamanism. He performed a ritual meant to determine my totem animal--a guiding symbol that I could invoke during times of personal or professional consternation. ...more

Spirituality has absolutely nothing to do with politics or corporations. Spirituality is the ...more

The Value of Building a Career Pedigree "Off the Grid"

Jory Des Jardins also blogs at Pause I thought my life ended when I couldn't go to an Ivy League school. My twin sister and I had the grades and the right extracurriculars, but not the parents who supported our plan. My father had just stopped working, on paper it looked like we had more money than we did, so I couldn't get loans. When I found out I'd be going to school in-state I cried for a week. ...more

Such an interesting post - my daughter has just lined up her first full time professional ...more

Before we condemn the Vargas "Demotion" let's consider: Is the Glass Greener on the Other Side?

Jory Des Jardins's work can also be read on her blog, Pause I have mixed feelings about the "demotion" of ABC News Co-Anchor Elizabeth to less-demanding fluffier news positions--a move she supposedly wanted because she will be having a baby and has another young child. Vargas is towing the company line and says she's just fine with the new arrangement. However, The National Organization for Women (NOW) smells a rat. According to a story from "It seems unlikely to me, having survived and thrived through her first pregnancy, that she would logically give up the top job in TV a few months out, anticipating she couldn't handle it," said Kim Gandy, president of the National Organization for Women. "It just doesn't strike me as a logical explanation. I don't think there are too many men who would be happy to be removed from the anchor chair." ...more

I'm with Sneadwoman on not seeing Vargas' step-away as a glass ceiling issue. I see it as a ...more

The Accessible Leader

Jory Des Jardins also blogs at Pause  There are many reasons why I love Guy Kawasaki's blog Signum Sine Tinnetu. I will tell you why in the same way Guy tends to write his blog posts--a chatty list. Why I love Guy's blog: ...more

Jory - what a great Guy-like top 10. I couldn't agree more that Guy is authentic and a ...more

A Film About How People Around the World Put Food on the Table

Jory Des Jardins BlogHer Personal Blog Pause I almost didn't see Michael Glawogger's gut-wrenching documentary, Workingman's Death, ironically, because I had too much work on my plate. I had been covering the San Francisco Film Festival in catch-as-catch-can manner and I hadn't read up on it, but a friend of mine had called and invited me to join her. ...more

It's tough to lead and worry about your lipstick at the same time

I've used this expression before; it means you can't be self-conscious and get stuff done. I know because I've tried. Don't get me wrong. I've managed to DO stuff when I'm in self-conscious mode. And I'm pleased with how good I look in the process, but I don't think I've ever felt truly accomplished until I found work that melted the feelings of inadequacy, fatness, and self-absorption. ...more

Back in my Corporate America days, I used to say I could handle anything - up to and including ...more

Are We Disgruntled, or Are We Just Being American?

Being a fan of the Underdog, I don't usually get excited about studies from corporate behemoths, even if not too long ago they were the Underdog. Still, gotta hand it to Yahoo! They really captured some good hard data on something I've been convinced about for a while: We want to work for ourselves. ...more

This post definitely inspired a post on more

So, where do you like to skydive?... and other questions you'll find in the Next Generation Job Interview

"We eat our own dog food," was the rather apropos statement of Jobster CEO Jason Goldberg. He was explaining on the Chris Pirillo Show how the company uses its own job listing service to find top talent, but I thought it applied to Jason's blog philosophy as well. ...more

Getting people into personally rewarding work is such a key, and traditionally we haven't found ...more

Public Speaking for Neurotics

This has been a crazy month for me--a lot of travel, a lot of networking, and a lot of public speaking. This is strange when you consider my typical day is spent in front of a computer, wearing what could very well substitute for pajamas. (I've established a new category in my wardrobe--loungewear--which I sleep in, but if someone comes to the house it looks like I got dressed, sort of. But I digress...) ...more

I love public speaking and many years ago did participate in TM group. It was in Santa Fe, so ...more

Why You Should Be Grateful for that Tedious, White-Collar Job

Thanks to BlogHer friend Mike Terry of LitCritter, who pointed me to Lynn Harris' Salon story that puts the whole I-hate-my-Scotch-Guard-carpeted-cubicle thing into perspective. ...more

Blogher does have a SV centric feel to it. For the moment that the state of the ...more