BlogHer Voice of the Week: Audrey of Barking Mad

Pictures say so much, but not all of them say the truth. And the same goes with blogs; we can be authentic and yet still hide parts of our lives from our readers. BlogHer Voice of the Week Audrey of Barking Mad deconstructs the image that she has put forth to her online community, blowing up the pretty pictures and proving to us all that reality can be more beautiful. ...more

BlogHer Voice of the Week: Miss Banshee of Inverse Candlelight

The real work of recovery is not only saying goodbye to what was destroying your life, but accepting what you may have detroyed that once helped you live. It's this bittersweet realization, shared by our BlogHer Voice of the Week, Miss Banshee, that brought us and her readers to attention. ...more

How to Do Crowd-Sourcing Right

Last week I attended the Annual Meeting of the IAB -- the trade organization for online publishers and advertisers. I was particularly inspired by the opening keynote, provided by PepsiCo's Chief Engagement Officer, Frank Cooper. Just his title alone made me think that the company (a BlogHer sponsor and advertiser) has been rethinking media from the inside out. ...more

I always wondered what I liked about that video. Of course, Courney Cox was a plant--that ...more

BlogHer Voice of the Week: Tea of Tea & Cookies

I wish I had read Tea of Tea and Cookies on those lonely Valentine's Days as an unattached single, when the only way to survive this reputed holiday was to ignore it and insist that even if I had had a paramour that it wouldn't have made a difference--it was just another day in February. I would have seen that I had been missing the point. If, as Tea suggests, Valentine's Day is really about celebrating love in its most universal sense, then I was never really excluded from it....more

Again and again I am impressed with the writing in her blog entries.  Great choice to ...more

Overcoming Impostor Syndrome: Why You Really Might Be the Expert in the Room

I became aware of the Impostor Syndrome eight or nine years ago, when I was working for a failing start-up. Watching our staff whittle to half its size every few weeks was starting to take a toll on the remaining employees. I was grateful to still be working, but I wondered whether I should start looking into another job -- something more secure....more

Great article.  Appearances are deceiving and many people aren't as confident as ...more

BlogHer of the Week: Maggie from Okay. Fine. Dammit.

Blogs are our faces to the world--very public faces. Even the most personal of bloggers are mindful of this. Our BlogHer of the Week, Maggie of Okay. Fine. Dammit. was aware of the potential backlash that could ensue by coming clean to her readers about her alcoholism, but she made an even richer outcome possible with her confession....more

I'm a Huge fan of Maggie, Dammit...and a recovering alcoholic. Bringing your addiction out into ...more

Millionaire Matchmaker: Why Entrepreneurs Will Love It

Last Tuesday was the premiere of the third season of Bravo reality show Millionaire Matchmaker. I must admit, I was eagerly anticipating this program for many reasons. Where else can I have my stereotypes of the vapidness of Los Angeles singles confirmed? ...more

BlogHer of the Week: Vanilla Garlic

Our BlogHer of the Week is more commonly known in the blogosphere for how he can apply storytelling to things simple and often very sweet (see his recipe for Maple Sweet Potato Cake to see what I mean). When applied to personal tragedy his prose remains skillful and evocative, but is heartbreaking.  ...more

I can't imagine. I really can't. One of my friends had their apartment burn down, though a ...more

BlogHer of the Week: Susan of DC Metro Moms Blog

McDonald's seems an unlikely place for staging quality conversation with your 10-year-old, but for Susan McCorkindale of Confessons of a Counterfeit Farm Girl it's become a weekly haven of sorts. Her spare prose describing her son's reaction to change, and her resistance to smoothing over his fear with false assurances, resonated with her readers. ...more

BlogHer of the Week: Trauma Queen

In the U.S. we love our emergency room dramas, fictional life-and-death scenarios punctuated with occasional, on-the-job romance....more