Mars and Venus in the boardroom (or at BlogHer)

I wrote before the BlogHer Conference about being a non-blogger (or sponsor) at the event, and even offered this up for male attendees: Men and women network differently. We often seek some form of commonality before we decide to team up with each other. (Men:) Careful of the hard sell, ...: Still, that didn't necessarily preclude men from trying to talk shop. ...more

All speakers were people of color that I saw. And yes, there were non-POCs in attendance and it ...more

A Survival Guide to BlogHer for the non-blogger or "corporate" attendee

So, jumping on the bandwagon with the community's and Maria Niles's phenomenal guides to surviving BlogHer, I thought I would add one appropriate for the 1) sponsors, 2) networking non-bloggers, or 3) corporate bloggers trying to meet bloggers. All this stuff about introversion and wearing the right shoes seem irrelevant to you? ...more

Well thanks for thinking of us Jory. =) Twitter/scans = essential; so true that connections are ...more

Podcast: Jory Des Jardins and Lisa Belkin talk about women, careers and parenting

I've read Lisa Belkin's pieces for The New York Times for years, and Friday I had a chance to speak with her about how couples are finding innovative ways of managing their careers and households, how she got on the "Balance Beat", what was really the intention behind her now-famous article, "The Opt-Out Revolution," and her take on the question, will CEOs ever get flextime? ...more


Whom do we believe, Rihanna or each other?

I just read Julie Creswell's piece, "Nothing Sells Like Celebrity" in the Times this morning about the power celebrity endorsements have in the marketplace. It proved the effectiveness of these endorsements for raising awareness, even breathing new life into new brands. ...more

I'm not one for celebrity endorsements either; if there are two products, one endorsed and ...more

Is "sharing the work" between parents for suckers?

This weekend I perused Lisa Belkin's NYT Magazine Cover Story, "When Mom and Dad Share it All," a piece that explores the ways that couples are devising work and childcare beyond the traditional gender-delineated lines. ...more

As I see it, here's the problem with all women and especially moms. We all suffer from ...more

What constitutes sexual harrassment? Confessions of a woman who can finally admit that she experienced it

I don't ask people to agree with my assessment of what constitutes sexual harassment, only to consider in any situation at work, what is the intention behind their words? Is it to demean or make someone uncomfortable? Is it to put someone in their place? Is it to curry favor, or diminish? ...more

That is not acceptable behavior to be treated that way. Not only is it illegal but it is also ...more

The Art of Networking, from a Born Connector

Once I was sent on a magazine writing assignment to attend a flirting class. The strangest thing about the curriculum of that class was that it broke down into tactics what seemed like the most natural of skills. But as I saw people struggling with the exercises, such as mirroring someone, showing interest, or just chit-chatting, I realized that not everyone is born a flirt. ...more

I attend a great networking group where the emphasis is 'share a need that you have'. So, ...more

The Survivor's Guide to Business Travel, Part II: Public speaking for women

Back in 2005, at the very first BlogHer conference I was asked to introduce BlogHer's Press and Discussion Policy for bloggers who would undoubtably be taking pictures and live-blogging throughout the event. I was also going to moderate our very first Naked Blogging Panel, with Ronni Bennett, Koan Bremner (who has taken her blog, Multidimensional Me, down since then), and Heather Armstrong. ...more

Well done, Jory! I'm bookmarking this!


How to Find "Good People", Rule #1: Drop all assumptions

"I'm always on the lookout for 'good people,' I've liked to say as my mantra for hiring. And for a long time that meant smart, passionate people with very similar experience to mine. ...more

This is helpful when thinking about hiring someone for work - and is a good reminder for me ...more

The Survivor's Guide to Business Travel, Part I: When things go wrong

This is the first in a series I've suddenly felt like writing, since most of my life has been spent lately on airplanes. I don't love driving in places I don't know well: parking lots, shopping malls, Los Angeles. I take cabs, or order a car service, or convince my husband to drive. But my colleague, Kristin, and I had a slew of business meetings recently in L.A., some we had together and some not. It seemed to make the most sense to drive. ...more

At the beginning of my career, I worked in PR and arranged media tours for a nutritionist ...more