Julie Dellinger

I’m a recovering type A overachiever with a passion for home improvement projects, marshmallows and the silliness of life.

I started my blog, Pocketful of Joules, in early 2011 as a place to give marketing and business tips. Since then, it has evolved into so much more — including my story of losing my job only to find one that is so much better for me, pregnancy & mommy craziness, and home improvement projects. It truly has turned into a pocketful of me in blog form.

I love home renovation projects, traveling to new places, spending time with my family, reading chick-lit and watching way too much television.

You can email me directly at pocketfulofjoules@gmail.com

4 Tips on How To Get the Most out of BlogHer '14

I’ve written about BlogHer before—many times, actually. This year will mark my 3rd BlogHer conference in a row… so I feel like I pretty much have a good grasp on it by now. ...more
Thanks so much for posting this! This will be my first year attending BlogHer, and I'm happy I ...more

DIY: Not your Grandma's China Cabinet

I’ve always wanted a china cabinet. Like a REAL, grown up china cabinet.I was given my paternal grandmother’s china years ago when she passed away and I’ve never had a place to display it. So, for almost exactly 10 years it was wrapped in newspaper and stored in the backs of closets, in my parent’s basement and then finally moved into my own basement when we did our last move about 2 ½ years ago....more

5 Tips for Having an Awesome 4th of July Party on a Budget

We’ve been talking about having our friends over for an outdoor party pretty much ever since we moved into our house a couple years ago. We even added our fire pit with the hopes that we could have some fun ‘couples nights’ sitting around a bonfire with marshmallows and wine....more
sandraleegarth Thanks so much! I also love Pinterest, but if I waited until my house looked ...more

My Top 5 Kid Storage Solutions That Don't Look Like Crap

When I was pregnant and imagining what life would be like with a child, I remember being horrified at the idea that my house was going to look like Little Tikes threw up all over it. I mean, there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with Little Tikes and I’m in love with many of their products… but I really didn’t want primary colored plastic to be my new design style. ...more
The wonderful thing about nice storage spaces is that it also is a motivator to keep even that ...more

My June Stitch Fix & the REAL Nitty Gritty

Before we get into the nitty gritty, if you are wondering “What the Heck is Stitch Fix” you should probably check out this post. If you’re feeling super stalkery and want to see ALL my Stitch Fix posts, you can find them here....more
EffortlessMovement I actually went back through my Fixes and realized that they also sent me a ...more

Review: Pretending to be a Chef with Blue Apron

While I love food, I’m not really that great of a cook. Definitely not the point of being called a chef. I mean, I have a few decently delicious meals that I make… I just get so darn BORED with our recipe rotation. Also, my recipes tend to be like 4 steps which include a dance break. I also stop by Let’s Dish a few times a year to keep things interesting....more

Toddler Fun: The Crib to Bed Switch

I really, really didn’t want to switch Jack into a bed. I imagined that as soon as we made the switch, my happy little sleeper would suddenly be having middle-of-the-night dance parties. I kept putting it off, but knew we wanted to do it in the spring/early summer. Our pediatrician suggested we make the switch a couple months before potty training so that it wasn’t too much change at once.Then, my husband texted me a picture of Jack climbing our backyard fence. CRAP....more

Big Truck Day (aka the BEST Day of Jack’s Life)

For those of you with toddlers/who had toddlers at some point/or who know toddlers, you know that trucks are kind of a big deal.Jack is OBSESSED with trucks and no car ride is complete without him pointing out trucks, tow trucks, big trucks or tractors. Every. Single. Car ride.So when my friend suggested we join her and her kids for the Baltimore City Big Truck Day this past weekend, I knew that Jack would never forgive me if I passed this up....more
Denise Thanks Denise! =)more

More True&Co Love: A review

Okay guys, I just got my second order of bras from True&Co and I’m in LOOOOOOOVE. Like that gushy annoying kind of love where you want to just make googley eyes and shout about it from the rooftops.If you remember from my first try, I liked the bras I was sent but nothing fit well enough to purchase. I returned them all (for free) and it was no big deal. I went on the website a week or so later to order my favorites in different sizes and then forgot about my order....more

Our Williamsburg Trip, Part 3: Yorktown Beach

Here is the third and final post about our fun 3-day weekend in Williamsburg. If you missed it, feel free to check out Part 1: The Timeshare and Part 2: Old Cars & Busch Gardens....more