Faithful Friday: Season of Singing

See! The winter is past; the rains are over and gone....more
 @Isabel_Anders Thank you!  Have a JOYful weekend!  :)more

Saying Yes to Time with Friends

Noah and Tina both have company or have been someone's company at least once each week. The weekends are a mixture of juggling family activities and squeezing in time with friends. As a mom who likes everyone under her roof and together as much as possible, it's an adjustment I'm facing. When I may feel like saying no, I remind myself how often I spent time with my childhood friends....more
One of the things I like about living in town verses the country is that there are neighborhood ...more

When I Grow Up

Think back to your childhood.  Do you remember what you wanted to be when you grew up? For me, I recall that I wanted to be many, many things....a clothing designer (thanks to fashion plates), a teacher (what little girl didn't?), a race car driver (I secretly envy Danica Patrick), and for a brief while, a psychologist (probably due to a love for movies like Sybil and Silence of the Lambs).  And yet a constant throughout, going back all the way to kindergarten, was the dream of being a writer. ...more
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Heaven Sent Hugs

I wrote Spring Showers soon after I arrived home, as I often do.  Commuting back and forth to work gives me a lot of time to think about things and so inspiration often comes from the road.  I'll try to capture my thoughts as soon as I make it home, hoping to complete it before Noah arrives and the busyness of the evening progresses....more

Squish Kiss

When Noah was a baby, Tim and I created the "squish kiss" and have carried it through with him all these years. Basically, we just get on either side of his face and plant a big squishy kiss on his cheek.As a baby, he'd laugh hysterically whenever we'd do it. Around the age of five, he began to get annoyed with, saying very over dramatically, "You're squeezing my face off!" Now that he's nearly bigger than both us, it is rare we get to do it....more

Cul-de-sac Camping

We popped out our camper yesterday trying to prepare for our upcoming journeys this spring.  As I shared in an earlier post, this camper is "new to us" and we have many trips dreamed up to enjoy.  Our first will be an excursion to Kentucky Lake.  It will truly be a first for us to visit one of our favorite vacation spots - without the boat.  I'm hoping the water doesn't call to us too much and we stay busy as happy campers!...more
 @joyfulchallenge It sounds like luxury to me! It would be wonderful just to arrive and pop-up! ...more

All Things Green

Top o' the evening to ya! In celebration of St....more

Play Ball

Happy 3:16 Day!

 Happy 3:16 Day!I struggled this week on which scripture to share with you on Faithful Friday (but isn't that a wonderful problem to have!?). There were several on my heart and many timely for this season we're approaching. In the end, I decided there won't be another 3/16 for a year so God must want me to share this one!...more


written May 3, 2009 - five months after losing my son...more
Hello there, Heather! How thoughtful of you to include us and especially those going through ...more