Lunchroom Memories

Ahhh, school lunches.  The thought evokes many memories, although many aren't fond trips down the lane.  Like the sugar-coated dates in a paper cup we called "rabbit pellets," which really need no further explanation.  Or the time the boy in front of me bit into his burger and found a bullet.  And, who could forget the day we were horsing around and I was bumped off my seat.  A few tearful minutes later, I was mooning Mrs....more
Giggle. I love that someone tracked down the lunch lady to get the recipe. more

60 Second Joy

I'm reading a book titled "One" which asks the question, how many people does it take to make a difference?  It is filled with many wonderful quotes and exercises.  One of my favorites so far is "We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand, and melting like a snowflake."  The entire book is filled with inspiration for you to make the most of every moment and to use your life to make a difference in the world.This morning on the radio they asked, "What is the most important 60 seconds of your day?"  And she went on to discuss how we greet our loved...more

Sugar Cookie Smiles

A food memory from my childhood...   The walk between my grandmothers’ homes isn’t far, but I always linger along the way. The path offers silence and privacy, nestled far enough away from the houses at each end. There’s a line of oak trees on one side, a haven to cardinals and blue-jays, who sometimes sing to me on my walk. The hilly path has history and I often wonder what my mom, and even my grandmother, was like at my age. This path, stomped by the feet of my family through the years, is now dusty and worn....more

The JOY of Cooking

  Cookbooks line the counter top in my kitchen. I've collected them for years. I have some that I've only read once or twice, some that are stained with spills and splats from frequent use, and some that are precious because they were given to me from someone I care about.Being that I'm a meal planner, I've always loved finding new recipes....more

Faithful Friday: One Foot, Two Foot

If there was one book I read to my boys over and over until I'd memorized each page, it was Dr....more

Mr. Can Man

  Have you ever smiled at a stranger and wondered what impact it might have?  Waved at someone you didn't know, just because, or hoping to brighten their day?  Myself I'm more of a smiler than a waver, unless it is in response.  I'll wave back but I don't know that I've ever waved first to a stranger.  And then, maybe I have but never thought much about it.I shared a brief encounter with a sweet elderly man today on my drive for work.  It was such a chance m...more

Tea Time

The sharp whistle from my tea kettle sends me such sweet memories.I grew up on tea. Of course, as a child it was iced, sweet tea. My mother makes the best sun tea and seeing an amber pitcher warming on a summer day reminds me of my childhood. My Grandma McGuffin also mastered the art of a perfect glass of sweet tea. She had a glass pitcher that only made two quarts at a time. I'm not sure why she never bought a larger container, as we'd drink tea at her house all day long....more

An Extra Day

Who doesn't wish for more hours in a day?  I would guess Moms especially mutter this, as they juggle caring for their children, keeping up with the house, and especially for those with an added ball in the air who work outside the home.  Life is busy.  We all long for more extra day.But what would you do with that extra 24 hours?  How would it best be spent, if only it magically appeared?  Maybe it would be nice to have an extra day just for be pampered, to relax, to rejuvenate.  As someone who longs for energy most every day, I...more

Grandma's Couch

Last summer I wrote about my Grandma's couch and shared memories of it growing up.  As I mentioned in that post, she's had this couch for at least 30 years.  Though it has worn a little, to me it looks the same.  In my mind, not much at all has changed about that house since my childhood.  I learned today though big changes are a coming.  (You may want to sit for this next sentence)......more

What'cha Doing?

At some point in my day, sometimes multiple points, I will either ask or answer this question. It's the opening line for my husband and me when we call each other.  When I first started using it, Tim would laugh and answer, "I'm working," as if I'd just asked a stupid question.  The saying stuck though and we both use it now.  It's a quick way to know if the call is coming at a bad time because we can always answer, "Really busy right now, can I call you back?"Being able to connect with each other during the day is one of my favorite things about cell phones.&...more
 @jenbunny911 He is pretty special!  But, it's a two way street.  Try a week of focusing on your ...more